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Uniform Policy


September 2023                                                                                 Review date: September 2025

Stanway Fiveways Primary School Uniform Policy


It is our policy that all children should wear clothing that is in keeping with a purposeful learning ethos. We also believe it is important that certain activities are facilitated by specialised and appropriate clothing when attending school, or when participating in a school-organised event outside normal school hours. We provide a complete list of the items needed for children’s school uniform in this policy and in our school prospectus.

School uniform can be ordered online at Anglia Sports and Schoolwear: https://www.yourschoolwear.co.uk/stanway-fiveways-primary-school-240-c.asp
Aims Our policy for children’s school uniform is based on the belief that a school uniform:

  •  promotes a sense of pride in the school
  •  engenders a feeling of community and belonging
  •  is practical and smart
  •  identifies the children with the school
  •  is not distracting in class (as fashion clothes might be)
  •  makes children feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance
  •  is regarded as suitable, and good value for money, by most parents
  •  has been designed with health and safety in mind.

Our school colour is bottle green and the uniform is as follows:


  •  School bottle green sweatshirt with school logo
  •  White polo shirt or white shirt
  •  School bottle green book bag with school logo
  •  Grey trousers or grey shorts (stretch material fabrics are not permitted),
  •  Black shoes
  •  Plain Coat (no large logos)
  •  Grey or black socks


  •  School bottle green sweatshirt with school logo or
  •  School bottle green sweat cardigan with school logo
  •  White polo shirt or white blouse
  •  School bottle green book bag with school logo
  •  Grey skirt,grey pinafore dress or grey trousers (leggings or stretch material fabrics are not permitted)
  •  Green gingham dresses can be worn in the summer term.
  •  Black shoes
  •  Plain Coat (no large logos)
  •  Grey or black tights or socks
  •  White socks can be worn with summer dresses

Please note that the wearing of platform soled and high heeled shoes and boots within the school is not permitted even on non-uniform days for health and safety reasons. Children may wear Wellington boots to school in wet weather and change into indoor footwear when in school. Trainers may be worn at playtimes. Trainers must be worn at all times on the MUGA.


On days when children have physical activity and PE, all children will need to come to school dressed in the following kit and remain dressed in it all day:

  •  Bottle Green sports crew neck T shirt with school Logo – as sold by supplier
  •  Black PE shorts
  •  PLAIN Black track suit (NO LOGOS)
  •  Trainers.


Hair must be tied up with a soft hair band/scrunchie. No brightly coloured large plastic or hard hairbands or bows are to be worn. All earrings must be able to be removed by the child independently, or should not be worn on PE days.

On health and safety grounds we do not allow children to wear jewellery in our school unless a child has pierced ears. For pierced ears simple gold/silver studs should be worn. An analogue watch may be worn. Smart/Fit Bits are not permitted.

Make up and Cosmetics
Make up and cosmetics including nail varnish are not considered appropriate or consistent with our school uniform. The school does not permit such products to be worn by any children, unless there is a specific event for which the Head has given permission.
All hair that restricts vision, or is longer than shoulder length, should be tied back. Dyed hair, hair colouring, any additions, or hair extensions are not permitted. Shaved patterns in hair are not acceptable for school. Hair bands/accessories should be in school colours. Large hair accessories/bows are not suitable for school. Hair bands must be plain in style.

All clothing and footwear should be clearly labelled with your child’s name and class

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