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At Stanway Fiveways, we aim to provide a broad, scientific curriculum that develops scientific vocabulary and empowers children to ask scientific questions – this will enable children to make careful observations and decisions based on reasons. We want to ensure that memorable experiences (including experiments and visitors) take place to broaden the children’s knowledge and that learning is accessible for all children regardless of their ability or background. Regular scientific teaching will sometimes be linked to other areas of learning. Children are encouraged to read in science lessons through online and paper research. Maths links are made through science by drawing graphs and reading charts and tables as well as being able to develop the recording of scientific experiments. Ultimately, we want children to enjoy learning all areas of science and many topics will be covered on more than one occasion throughout their schooling, in order to embed their knowledge.

In teaching science there are a number of key skills that we will develop. The children are taught to work scientifically, which involves:

  • Developing an understanding of science through enquiry and investigation.
  • Observing, measuring and undertaking a variety of tests.
  • Developing curiosity and asking scientific questions.
  • Reading and using scientific vocabulary.
  • Testing and developing ideas.
  • Making decisions.
  • Analysing functions, and relationships and interactions.
  • Answering science questions using different types of scientific enquiry; and,
  • An enjoyment and fascination of science.
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