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At Stanway Fiveways, we recognise that writing is essential to all aspects of life and we endeavour to create a heathy and positive lifelong attitude towards writing. Writing can be personally rewarding and enriching. Writing is one of the Primary forms of communication, allowing thoughts to be clarified, emotions to be expressed, experiences to be shared and opinions to be stated. 

Our intention is to develop confident, independent writers who have been provided with a clear understanding of the writing process: plan, draft, revise and edit their own work. Children are also taught skills on how to self and peer assess their work. Through this, we aim to empower our pupils to consider themselves as ‘writers’; encouraging confidence and motivation to want to write for pleasure.

Children enjoy a range of text types, developing skills and strategies, whichenable them to write confidently with enjoyment, comprehension and cohesion for a range of purposes, for a variety of different audiences.

We follow the 2014 National Curriculum for the teaching and learning of writing skills. Our writing lessons provide opportunities for the children to practise the skills needed to become competent and fluent writers, across a wide range of genres. Each unit of work begins with a carefully selected, high quality and stimulating text chosen to inspire and ‘hook’ our children. Each unit begins with a ‘Cold task’ thus informing teachers’ areas of focus, helping to sequence forthcoming lessons. Children are set specific targets, exposed to high quality model texts and given opportunities to edit and improve own work resulting in a high quality independent writing. 

Writing across the Curriculum

Writing at Stanway Fiveways links closely with our topics. Year groups plan together so that all children are receiving the same experience in every classroom. We believe in the importance of providing children with opportunities to apply their learning in meaningful contexts thus enhancing levels of engagement. We implement a broad, balanced curriculum to further embed, extend and develop the writing skills of our children. A cross-curricular approach to learning provides a sense of purpose and direction, helping to engage children in their learning. Cross-Curricular writing provides the perfect opportunity for children to write for a purpose and to polish the language structures that they have been rehearsing in English lessons.

To see our writing curriculum overview please click here

To see our writing curriculum skills progression document please see below.


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