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Welcome to Year 6

20th June

Letter writing

Last week, Year 6 focused on formal letter writing. We put ourselves in the position of Oliver, so we wrote letters to Mr Bumble asking for more food! We had to use lots of emotive language and exaggeration to persuade him to give us more food! We are still waiting for his reply... #FoodGloriousFood

13th June 2022

Victorian Maths

Year 6 have really enjoyed doing some fun Victorian maths linked to our play Oliver. We went outside with some chalk to solve some of the maths problems - it was great fun doing maths outside! We converted between shillings, sixpence, guineas and pennies. They found it tricky and are grateful to be in a modern classroom!

6th June 2022

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Celebrations!

As most of the Year 6s were away on their residential for the last week before half term, our Jubilee celebrations were postponed until this week so they could enjoy the fun. In the morning, children in Year 6 went onto the field to take part in various garden games including giant twister, jenga and the popular limbo. After this, children took part in a design the tile activity. This was where they had a letter/ number from The Queen's Jubilee 2022 (in Year 6 we had 'h' and Q') and they had to design a pattern with the winning design actually painting it onto a ceramic tile. This wil then be displayed in school as a tribute and memory to the celebrations. 

23rd June 2022

Kingswood Residential

This week most of the children went on their residential trip to Kingswood. If you want to read more about this please look on the curriculum tab and you will find a link to a diary about our week away. The children who didn't attend had a fun week with Mrs Buddington making pizzas, playing football, doing art, orienteering as well as lots of other activities.  

16th May 2022

Friday Fun Day!

Last week children in Year 6 completed their SATs tests. We were so proud of their resilience during the week and how hard all of them worked. They all gave their best efforts and that is all we ever ask for! As a treat, on Friday morning the children visited the local park and had a game of rounders, Oak vs Olive. Olive were victorious but fun was had by all. Afterwards children enjoyed some time to play on the park and sit and have a picnic with their friends. Then in the afternoon, children watched Oliver as this will be their end of year production this year. Auditions will be held next week, exciting times!

9th May 2022

Disney Art and Walt Disney Biographies

Our new topic for the Summer term is Lights Camera Action! As part of this children sketched their own Disney characters and used water colours to paint them - how amazing did they turn out?! Also children found out more about Walt Disney by carrying out research about his life and legacy and then writing biographies about this famous figure. 

25th April 2022


Children have been developing their cricket skills this half term. They have learned how to bowl overarm and aim at the wickets. Also children practised batting and being tacticle with where they are aiming. This then built up to a lesson where children had a mini game of cricket. 

28th March 2022

Super Spreadsheets!

This half term, children have been developing their knowledge and skills when using Excel spreadsheet. Children have learned how to input data into cells, how to format the cells and how to create graphs and charts. This was new to most children but they quickly grasped how to use this programme. They especially liked how they could format the cells so that it worked out the mathematics calculations for them. 

21st March 2022

DT Rio Carnival Dresses

Linked to our topic of Brilliant Brazil, children have been finding out about the Rio Carnival. They first looked at existing dresses and designs for inspiration, then they had to design their own dress thinking carefully about colour and pattern choices. After this, children selected their fabric and began to cut out their dresses. Finally, children had a go at sewing their dresses, with some help from Mrs Spindley and Mrs Brett to thread the needles! Next week children will customize their dresses and use wooden spoons for their 'doll' and add headpieces. They are already looking great so I can't wait to see the final pieces. 

14th March 2022


Children have been researching different biomes and then create a two page fact file about their chosen biome. Some examples were desert, aquatic, tundra. They had to research the location, climate and fauna and flora of the biome. The presentation of these has been outstanding. Great effort from our Year 6s. 

7th March 2022


Children have been improving and working on their skills in gymnastics. This week we worked on jumps and landing safely (with bent knees), and the different types of rolls including pencil roll, teddy bear roll and forward roll. Impressively, the children have shown great control of their movements. Action shots are hard to capture on camera!

28th February 2022

The Easter Story

In RE this half term, children are learning about the key events in the Easter Story. They will be learning about:

  • Palm Sunday: Jesus enters Jerusalem.
  • Holy Monday: Anointing of Jesus at Bethany.
  • Holy Tuesday: Jesus predicts his own death.
  • Spy Wednesday: The day Judas arranged the betrayal of Jesus.
  • Maundy Thursday: The Last Supper.
  • Good Friday: The crucifixion of Jesus
  • Easter Sunday: The resurection of Jesus. 

This week children focussed on the events of Palm Sunday and wrote their own newspaper articles imagining that they were there to witness these events. 

7th February 2022

Brazilian Biographies

In English, children have been learning how to write biographies. This week they finished the unit of work by writing their own biography about a famous Brazilian. They edited and improved their writing then typed up their finished pieces. They had to write an engaging introduction which would entice a reader to want to find out more about their person. They also tried to include high level punctuation such as brackets and dashes for parenthesis and semi-colons too.

31st January 2022

Animal Art

This week children have been developing their sketching and watercolour skills. They were tasked with drawing a jaguar which will then be painted using watercolours. When drawing the jaguar's face, they used guidelines to help them get the proportions correct. It was great to see them perservere and take their time. They've not quite finished them yet so we will continue with these next week but they are already looking amazing!

17th January 2022

Samba Dance! 

Building on from our samba drumming last week. This week children have been learning some samba dance moves like the samba shimmy, and the samba wave. They are working in groups to create their own samba style dance routine. Each week they will work on this and at the end they will perform their routines. I have to say I am impressed by what I have seen so far so can't wait to see what their final routines look like. 

3rd January 2022


Happy New Year! It was lovely to welcome the children back to school and to start our new topic which is Brazil. We kicked off our new topic with some samba drumming. We had a special music teacher visit us in school with some different types of drums including the surdo, cuícas and tamborim. Then as a group we performed some samba music similar to what would be played at the Rio Carnival. It was very impressive how quickly children picked up the different rhymths and how well they worked as a class to form a samba band.

13th December 2021

VE Day Celebrations

As a ‘fabulous finish’ to our World 2 Topic, Friday was devoted to celebrating V.E. Day. The children used their rations to make sweet treats such as oat cookies and carrot biscuits. They made red, white and blue bunting and table wear whilst listening to 40s music. Some children even used their Science knowledge to make electrical circuits to send ‘Happy V.E. Day messages in Morse Code! In the afternoon, we sung war time songs and ate our bakes as a street party and were visited by our dance instructor who taught the children at jive.

The spirit of the day was embraced by the children who have thoroughly enjoyed this term’s History learning.

1st November 2021

Squash Visit

We thoroughly enjoyed our recent visit to the Colchester Garrison squash courts. It provideed the children with an opportunity to practise the skills they have learnt, not just this year but over the sequence of annual turoring, on full size courts. They enjoyed using the side walls and were introduced to a further set of rules to develop their understanding of the game.

Our professional coaches Emily and Lauren were delighted with the children's ability to serve and tactically select returns that kept their oponent on their toes. As always, our pupils recieved praise for their positivity, manners and encouragement of others. 

18th October 2021

The Great British Outdoor Bake-off

This week, we took Food Technology as our Forest Schools focus and made chocolate-orange cupcakes. First the children carved away the centre of half an orange. They prepared a cake mix which was used to fill the orange cup. These were than carefully wrapped inside a foil parcel and baken on an outdoor fire. The children enjoyed tucking in as they watched the fire smoulder. 

Great fun and a delicous autumn treat!

6th December 2021

It's that time of year - Panto time!

Children in Year 5 and 6 visited the Mercury Theatre to watch this years panto which was Aladdin. They It was a magical performance with a flying guitar. The cast as always were amazing and children enjoyed singing along to all the songs and booing and cheering along with the characters. The camel was very entertaining and a favourite amonst many children. As always, the dame of the panto kept everyone laughing and Mr Lehain was releived that he wasn't chosen to be at the brunt of these jokes. We need to make him sit closer next time!

22nd November 2021

RE - Making Challah Bread

In RE, children have been learning about Judaism linked to our WW2 Topic. They have been learning about Jewish traditions and how they worship both in a Synagogue and at home. This week, children developed their understanding of how Jewish families celebrate Shabbat each week. As part of this, they made their own Challah bread in small groups. Then in 'Bake Off' style they tasted and evaluated each others designs. 

15th November 2021

Indoor and Outdoor PE

This half term in indoor PE, children in Year 6 are developing their skills in different team games. The focus is on developing their understanding of team tactics for various games such as benchball and dodgeball. 

In outdoor PE, children are learning how to play basketball. The first couple of weeks we have been focussing on the rules when dribbling the ball and using our skills from netball in year 5 to accurately pass the ball. 


8th November 2021

Diwali Dance Workshop

This week we were lucky enough to have a Ramayana Dance Workshop in school which taught the children about the festival of Diwali through dance. The instructor started with the comment 'I don't want to hear, I can't dance' and by the end of the workshop all the teachers and adults were impressed with how well everyone did. It was especially lovely to see the positive attitudes, smiles and teamwork. Children then spent time in class learning more about Diwali and the importance of it to Hindus. 

11th October 2021

Sensational Science!

During our Science lessons this half term, we have been learning about the human heart and the circulatory system. We can now explain what the heart is and the process through which oxygenated and deoxygenated blood is transported around the body. We have completed practical activities to model the blood's movement, explored how our heart rate reacts to different forms of exercise and have measured our recovery rate after exercise. To present our learning, we have used a variety of graphs and charts and have developed our ability to write explanations.

A lot of fun has been had and we have shown that we are Sensational Scientists!

4th October 2021

Blitz Evacuation

Our recent focus in History and English has been WW11 Blitz and the evacuation of city children to the safety of the countryside. The children used primary evidence photographs to deduce facts about the past and asked enquiring questions to develop their understanding.

In Art, the children produced silhouettes of the London sky-scape which they layered on top of a blazing background produced by colour mixing and applying as a graduation.

The children put themselves in the shoes of an evacuated child and wrote and edited poignant letters home. These were filled with emotive language and demonstrated the children’s understanding of the event through detailed description of their new home and the overwhelming and unfamiliar experiences encountered.

27th September 2021

Squash Coaching

We are delighted to be taking part in half a term of squash with our wonderful professional coaches. The children look forward to this annual experience and it is wonderful to see the progress they make. To celebrate their achievements, we have been invited to the Garrison in October to play on full size courts.  This year is extra special as the coaches will be scouting for players who show skill, dedication and most importantly, sportsmanship to take part in a multi-school championship. It will be hard to make the selection from such impresive players!

20th September 2021

Forerst Schools Fun!

This week, we have opened our beautiiful outdoor learning area to run Forest Schools to the delight of the children. 

It was fantastic to see the boys and girls revisiting their favourite activities such as den building, tree climbing, fire-preparation and bug hunting as well as being inspired to explore new skills alongside their classmates. As always, enthusiasm and engagement was high and teamwork shone through. 

13th September 2021

Welcome Back

It has been a wonderful first week back in Oak and Olive classes. We have been exploring the geographical and cultural diversity of the vibrant continent Asia and have produced many creative pieces of work including water colour blossom trees, shoji screens, travel brochures and have also researched facts about endangered animals. 

We are proud to announce our School Councilors who were democratically elected by their peers: Layla, Osose, Noah and Izzy.

We have already formed new friendships and sense of teamwork ready for the challenges and exciting experiences which lay ahead in this last year of our primary school journey.

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