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Welcome to Year Six!

Friday 25th November 2022

This week has seen Year 6 taking time out to support England at the World Cup! Spirits were high and lots of cheers could be heard around the school...COME ON ENGLAND! 

As part of our RE learning we  had a visitor join us to share his beliefs as a Humanist, the workshop involved Mr Stephenson sharing what it means to be a Humanist and opprtunites for the children to ask lots of questions. It was extremely enlightening and thought provoking. 

Fragrant aromas of freshly baked sponge cakes filled the corridors throughout the week, as Year 6 followed a ration recipe to bake a WW2 cake. 

Friday 18th November 2022

So much took place this week! We kicked off the week with a WW2 workshop and ended it with Children in Need on Friday. On Thursday a group of children attended the Roman Cup Squash tournament. In Maths we worked on Fractions, looking at improper fractions and mixed numbers and in Science we built our own circuit as part of our Electricity unit. 

Friday 11th November 2022

This week we remembered fallen soldiers. As part of Remembrance Day we created a piece of artwork.

This week we remembered fallen soldiers. As part of Remembrance Day we created a piece of artwork.

Friday 4th November 2022

This week Year 6 went to The Garrison  to showcase their Squash skills.  The squash coaches were watching really carefully so they could select eight children to put forward to the Roman Cup tournament taking place in a couple of weeks time. 

Friday 21st October 2022

Today we had a scary hair and non-uniform day! There were so many creative and spooky hairstyles! We have also been reading a spooky story opening this week in our Reading sessions. We had to predict how the story could end. In Mathematics, we did long division which was definitely scary! We are feeling ready for our half-term and Halloween!

Monday 10th October 2022

Last week, Year 6 paired up with a Year 1 class for paired reading. We had a magical time delving back into the story books that we may have read all those years ago! We enjoyed reading with expression to the Year 1s and getting them to also read some of their story to us! Our teachers were really proud of us for handling oursleves so well!

Monday 3rd October 2022

Last week, year 6 had a great week. We practiced rallying and using our backhand in our squash lessons. We have really improved our skills over the past couple of weeks! We also, had the opportunity to experience secondary school life! We went to Stanway School and participated in many exciting new things! It has made us look forward to next year when we are Year 7s!

Monday 26th September 2022

Last week, in forest school, we made s'mores! We had so much fun making them around the campfire and enjoying each other's company. We then had some time to climb trees, build hammocks and ziplines, and catch some interesting bugs! We love to show the creepy crawlies that we catch to our forest leaders!

Monday 19th September 2022

Year 6 have enjoyed creating WWII themed art. We have explored the Blitz and how the sky would appear orange. We started off by painting our backgrounds then we added some silhouettes of London skylines and soldiers. Our final pieces look amazing and we are very proud of our work! 

Monday 12th September 2022

During our first week back at school, we learnt a lot of amazing things about our continent Asia. We did some multiplication using the ancient Chinese method, created a tourist leaflet about a place to visit, made origami lotus blossoms, created an Asian animal fact file, discovered the Terractotta Army and used watercolour paint to make a cherry blossom! We had lots of fun and learnt so many new things. #BackToSchool