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Welcome to Year 6

In Year 6 we have two classes, these are: Oak and Olive. The adults that work across these classes are: Mr Squirrell, Miss Stone, Mrs Hammond, Mrs Mitchell, Mrs Sharp, Mrs Boots and Miss Hales.

Summer Term

The Summer term is going to be incredibly busy for us in year 6! Our topic is all going to be based around Australia whilst we also have our week long residential to Kingswood to look forward to! Some of the other highlights of this term will be: Our year 6 production, didgeridoo workshops, squash lessons and attending an orienteering festival. 


Spring Term

We have had an incredibly busy term, there being two main areas that we have focussed our learning on. The Anglo-Saxons and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Through our work on the Anglo-Saxons, we learnt about some of the lasting impacts that they had upon Great Britain, as well as learning about the Saxon way of life and we also spent some time learning about Sutton Hoo. As part of our DT work this half-term, we constructed wooden lanterns and also created Anglo-Saxon inspired jewellery (which you can see pictured).

In science, we looked at the effects that exercise and diet can have upon the body, we linked this to our PE by designing circuit training sessions that worked various muscles. Next we moved on to gymnastics, where we explored different ways of: travelling, balancing, jumping and rolling. In the Summer term, we will be using the skills we have learnt when working on apparatus - which will include vaulting!

Our English work has revolved around writing diary entries, in order to do this we studied two short animation films in great detail and from this we wrote diary entries from the differing perspectives of the various characters.

Autumn Term


As part of our whole school multi-cultural week at the start of the year, the children got the opportunity to learn about various aspects of another country – Oak Class focussed their learning on Qatar whilst Olive Class learnt about the culture and traditions of China. Over the course of the week, the children experienced a whole range of learning opportunities including: cooking, food tasting and learning a language.


Our topic focus throughout the Autumn term was World War 2. After gaining an initial idea on the key dates and leaders of the War, we spent our timing learning about various other aspects of World War 2 in greater detail, these included things such as: The Blitz, evacuation, propaganda, rationing and the changing role of women.


We held a special celebration to mark the centenary of the end of World War 1. As part of this celebration we wrote poems focussing on remembrance, learnt a dance and songs from this period and created a textile wall hanging. We also got to spend the morning at The Stanway Secondary School where we joined in the centenary celebrations, during our time there we had Q&A sessions with war veterans, got to try food from World War 1, handled artefacts from this period and created a huge poppy inspired art display that ended up being photographed by a drone.


In English this term, we walked through the wardrobe and in to the world of Narnia. We re-wrote the story of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe using the film as a visual stimulus for our writing. As well as this we also wrote non-chronological reports on the Home Front during World War 2 and biographies of Winston Churchill.


In October, we also had a visit from our local MP Priti Patel who spoke to the children about the role of government and some of her duties are as an MP, we then got to ask her any questions that we had. Her visit supported our learning around democracy and how parliament and the government is organised within Great Britain.