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Design and Technology

At Stanway Fiveways our children receive a Design and Technology (DT) curriculum which provides them with opportunities to take risks and exercise their creativity through practical activities. Our children design and make products that solve real and relevant problems, making cross-curricular links wherever possible. They gain an understanding of how products are created, through our evaluation processes, and will develop the ability to consider the individual needs of others before making products. The intention of our DT curriculum is to ensure all children have access to high quality teaching and learning opportunities that inspires them to use their imagination and think creatively. The children will gain knowledge of common tools and equipment used during a variety of projects and will develop practical skills, year upon year, to ensure these are used safely and efficiently.

Throughout a child’s time at Stanway Fiveways, they will participate in many themed days, during which DT knowledge, understanding and skills are developed. Each academic year starts with a continent themed week, during which the children are immersed in new cultures and includes a variety of activities including food tasting. Ways of living are explored through evaluating designs of structures, buildings, clothing and meals, finding similarities and differences to our own.

Our Design and Technology skills progression document is available to download below.

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