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Welcome to Year 3

Week Beginning 20th June 2022

This half term, during indoor PE, we are focussing on gymnastics; body shapes and balancing.  In the sessions so far we have balanced on different body parts, mirrored our partner and put together a sequence of balances using a combination of these.    

Week Beginning 23rd May 2022

As part of design and technology, the children in Year 3 had a week of making pizza. The children started with creating their pizza base and then went on to add a selection of pizza toppings of their choosing. The outcome... scrumptious looking pizzas which tasted delicious. 

Welcome to Year 3

Week Beginning 16th May 2022

This week, the children got the opportunity to experience a live orchestra event. The event was called Explore the Orchestra Midnight Magic. The children enjoyed listening to some of the different classical songs played by Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. The children particularly enjoyed when the orchestra played the theme song from the Harry Potter films. 


Week Beginning 9th May 2022

In Design and Technology this half term, the children are looking at Italian food with the end result of the children making pizza. Today, the children sampled a selection of pizzas with different toppings in preparation for creating their own pizza.

Week Beginning 2nd May 2022 - English Recount Editing

In writing, the children have been writing recounts from the perspective of a child during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. The children produced some great recounts and added in lots of details using their imagination of what it must have been like in Pompeii at that time. In our sequence, of teaching the children always edit and improve their writing using green pen. Here you can see some examples of their editing. 

Week Beginning 25th April - Science

Our topic in Science this half term is plants. The children investigated parts of the plant using lillies. They disected lillies into the parts: anther, filament, stigma, style, ovary, petals and sepal. We also discussed the male and female parts of the flowers called stamen and pistil/carpel. The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring the plants and showed a great understanding of the key parts of a flower. 

Week Beginning 19th April - SCS Coaches

This week, year 3 started their new PE lessons with the SCS coaches. The coaches often provide sports clubs during the holidays and after school. The children will be learning a mixture of skills and began their sessions on Tuesday this week. The coach, Mr Barnes, introduced some warm ups and stretches. The children played a team game to practise their catching. They had to beat each other to the end of their team without dropping the ball. Year 3 had a fantastic time and behaved beautifully for Mr Barnes. Well done everyone! 

Week Beginning 28th March- Trip to the Squash Courts

After having 5 coaching sessions at school, Year 3 visited the squash courts at the Garrison on Tuesday. Once there, Coach Paul and Coach Emily showed the children some different games to play in the courts. The children were able to show off all of the skills that they had learnt in their PE lessons. We saw some excellent skills and great progress over the last 5 weeks. 


The children had a brilliant time and we are so lucky that we had the chance to play in real courts. It was a great experience!

Week beginning 21st March 2022 - Science

This week in science, the children enjoyed investigating how light travels. They were challenged to create a path of light around a book to light up a toy on the other side. The children worked well in teams to investigate different ideas. It was lovely to see some of the children developing their leadership skills within groups and their abilities to listen to each other's ideas. 

The children then practiced drawing scientific diagrams to demonstrate how they created their light path. 

Week beginning 14th March 2022 - Art Week

This week has been all about Art.  The children have been learning about different artists and trying to recreate designs in their style.  They have created a ceiling tile with a space theme, added bottletops to our whole school recycling project as well as using different media.  

Week beginning 7th February 2022 - Art

This half term year 3 have been looking at cave paintings and recreating their own.  First they looked at watercolours and mixing different shades to create a cave coloured back ground.  We then looked at different pencil techniques and the media of charcoal.  

Week beginning 24th January 2022 - Forest School

This week in Forest School, the children had the opportunity to practise fire lighting. All the children that attempted it managed to get their cotton wool ball lit using a flint and steel. It was so exciting watching the children persevere with it and successfully create sparks to light a fire. We are looking forward to being able to have a full fire (and hopefully some marshmallows) in the last week! 

Music - The Orchestra Tuesday 18th January 2022

In Music this half term, we are learning about orchestras. This week, we were creating images to go with a piece of music. We listened to Beethoven's 6th Symphony, 4th movement which represents a storm. The children used symbols and pictures to represent the different weather heard in the piece. 

They have really enjoyed learning about orchestras so far. I wonder how many instruments they could tell you about?

Forest School - Week beginning 10th January 2021

This week, Year 3 began their Forest School sessions. They got to choose their Forest School name and learned the 3 main rules of Forest School: 
1. Keep yourself safe
2. Keep each other safe 
3. Look after the environment. 
The children explored the Forest School area. They climbed trees, built dens, went bug hunting, made rope swings and got muddy in the mud kitchen and sliding down the mud slide. Fun was had by all and they are excited for their next session. 

Science - Rocks Thursday 6th January 2022

This half term, Year 3 will be learning about the different types of rocks and how they are formed as well as how the fossilisation process occurs and how soil is created. Today, Apple class explored the different types of rocks and learnt more about their properties. The children were able to classify the rocks and verbally explain their reasoning for their choices. 

Cross Stitch - Thursday 16th December 2021

As part of our Art this half tem, year 3 tried their hand at cross stitch.  With support they threaded their needle and began creating the cross pattern on their coloured binca.  Through perserverence, the majority of the year group were able to create a line of crosses on their circular bina and produce a cross-stitched bauble.  Some children were able to create several rows or even patterns.  

Anglo-Saxon and Viking Day - Friday 10th December 2021

This week, year 3 got to dress up as Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and explore the past with the help of Ian Weston from Portals to the Past. The children had a great day: exploring information and artefacts, playing games from the Viking times, learning how coins were made and even seeing some of the weaponry the Vikings used! The day was enjoyed by all teachers and children. 

Setting Description Hot Task - 23rd November 2021

This week, the children completed their setting description unit. Every English unit, we finish with a hot copy, which is producing a presentation copy of their writing including the edits that they completed in the previous lesson. The children have worked extremely hard on developing their vocabulary and describing using their five senses. When the children write their hot copy, they are encouraged to write with neat, joined up handwriting. Here are some lovely examples:

Stanway Evangelical Church - 17th November 2021

On Wednesday 17th November year 3 walked up to Stanway Evangelical Church to find out more about it.  Hannah, who is the children's and family lead at the church, explained what is was to be a free church.  She explained about the different religious festivals and celebrations held throughout the year as well as the community based work they do.  The children really enjoyed their visit and was surprised by all they had to offer.  They especially enjoyed joining in with some of the action songs.

Computing - 9th November 2021

In computing this half term, Year 3 are learning about animation. So far in their learning journey, the children have created a cartoon flip book and today they were able to create a moving animation using the iPads. Using the imotion app, the children drew a sequence of frames on their whiteboards and adjusted the image frame-by-frame. They captured each frame and when they played their frames back all the children were successful in creating a moving animation. 

Singing Assembly - 4th November 2021

On Thursdays, Stanway Fiveways have singing assemblies in class. This week, the children were very enthusiastic and enjoyed the songs. 


Science Magnets Investigation - 11th October, 2021

In Science, the children have been learning about forces. This week, the children explored magnets. They created their own investigation to see if water affected how the magnet worked. 

English Instructions - 7th October, 2021

Over the next few week in English, Year 3 are learning about instructional writing. As part of this, Year 3 made delicious jam sandwiches where they were able to experience each part of the process. They were then able to write their own instructions in chronological order using key features such as imperative verbs and adverbs including adverbs of time.

Dance - 29th September 2021

In Dance this half term we are using i-moves to learn different movements.  This week some of the children created their own sequence which they performed to the rest of their class.  

Design and Technology - 23rd September, 2021

In design and technology this half term, the children will be learning a range of sewing skills including overstitch and back stitch. This week the class were learning to master the running stitch and what a wonderful job they did.

Outdoor PE Hockey - 13th September 2021

This week, the children began their normal topic related learning in the afternoons. This half term, the children will be learning the skills of hockey. They began with learning to dribble a hockey ball and show control. The children thoroughly enjoyed the team games to practise the skill of weaving in and out of the cones.  

Maths and English - 10th September, 2021

This week Year 3 have started Place Value within Maths. Within this, children are identifying the values of three-digit numbers and exploring different representations of numbers. In English, we have begun our narrative unit on characterisation. The children have been looking at dragons and identifying adjectives, verbs and adverbs to go with this. 

South America - 3rd September, 2021

At the start of Year 3, the children have been learning about the continent of South America. Within their learning they have found out about the different countries along with several traditions. These have included South American dream catchers, pan pipe from Bolivia and weaving from Paraguay. Children have experienced the dominant language within the continent which is Spanish. 

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