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Welcome to Year Three!

Week beginning 13th March

This week, the Year 3 children had a special day learning all about life in ancient Greece.  In the morning, the children spent time visiting different stalls and chosing the focus of their learning.  The activities at these stalls included: painting frescos, making Greek pots, creating wax tablets and soap carving!  In the afternoon, the children worked in groups to rehearse a Greek dance, poem or dramatic retelling of a Greek myth.  At the end of the day, the children gathered together in the hall to perform and enjoyed eating bread and cheese (and drinking water served in goblets) whilst being in the audience.

The children had a fantastic day and took part with lots of enthusiasm.  Here are some quotes from children about the day:

"I enjoyed creating a painting on Modroc with Mrs Stevens." - child in Pine Class

"I liked doing the acting and making everything." - child in Pine Class

"My favourite parts was creating my wax tablet, making medicines and making my clay items." - child in Elm Class


Week beginning 6th March

Enjoy watching our performance of 'Busy Ancient City Athens'.



Week beginning 6th March

Our first two weeks of Music have focussed on learning a song about life in Ancient Greece, 'Busy Ancient City Athens'. The song teaches us what life was like in Athens during Anciet Greek times. The children have really enjoyed learning the song and coming up with various actions to help them remember the words. Learning through song can be really fun!

Week beginning 27th February

The children have been enjoying their first 2 squash sessions with the coaches. The first lesson focussed on keeping control of the ball with a raquet, and the second lesson focussed on learning how the ball reacts to being hit against the net. 

Week beginning 20th February 2023

This week we began leaning the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  The children have drawn out the story and learnt actions.  Maybe they could show you what they remember.   

Week beginning 6th February 2023

This week each class has completed a Science investigation: Whcih soils are permeable and impermeable to water.  They thought about what needed to be kept the same and changed to make it a fair test.  They made predictions about the permeability of the soil samples and set up the investigation.  After they were able to graph their results and come to simple conclusions. 



Week beginning 30th January 2023

This half term year 3 have been lucky enough to have Mrs Woolnough teach them yoga on a Friday.  They are learning to be mindful of their breathing whilst moving into the various yoga positions.  

Week Beginning 23rd January 2023: S'mores

This week in Forest School the year 3s enjoyed having the fire.  They made s'mores by first finding a stick and whittling the end to place the marshmallow on, roatating the stick and marshmallow over the open fire, before finally placing it between biscuit and eating.  After that the children choose what to do: some tried to make a fire using flint and steel; some made clay animals; some played in the mud kitching whilst others built dens, hung swings or hammocks.  They were very busy and inventive! 

Week beginning 28th November 2022

On Thursday 1st December a travelling Panto came to school. The children enjoyed watching Beauty and the Beast and a lucky few got to join in.

Week beginning 21st November 2022

This week the children finished off writing their own description based on the one they had learnt.  They included expanded noun phrases, alliteration and used their senses.  

Week Beginning 14th November 2022

Year 3 went on a school trip to West Stowe Anglo-Saxon Village. The children had a fantastic day, gaining an insight into what Anglo-Saxon life was like. We explored a range of houses, that were built during this time, as well as looking at artefacts first-hand in the museum.


Week Beginning 7th November 2022

This week year 3 have started their Art unit on printing.  They chose their leaf design and used string to go around the edge to create their printing block.  Once this is dry we will be able to use paint to print our images on paper.

Week beginning 17th October 2022

Throughout the half term children have been bringing in their amazing pieces of work from the homework grid.  We have shields, houses, jewellery, pictures, poems and lots more.  The work is of fantastic quality and makes a great couple of displays.  We cannot wait to see what is brought in next half term.  Keep up the good work year 3! 

Week Beginning 10th October 2022

Our current unit of work in English is 'Instructions'.  In order to fully understand what is required when writing a set of instructions the children had to follow instructions to make a jam sandwhich.  This then enabled them to write their own instructions using imperative verbs (bossy verbs such as: cut, spread,fold); time conjunctions (e.g. first, next, finally) and adverbs (e.g. carefully, sensibly, evenly).  

Week Beginning 3rd October

This week year 3 have been learning to play the glokenspiel - notes E and D.  They clapped in time to the music and played to the tune 'Drive' on Charanga - the music programme we use in school.

Week Beginning 26th September

This week year 3 looked at creating warm and cool tones.  They looked at famous pieces of art work and decided if they were warm or cool and how they made them feel.  In their books they then created a wheel of warm and cool colours.  

Week beginning 12th September

Our unit this term has started looking at The Stone Age.  For this we have looked at different caves across the world with their amazing cave painting discoveries.  We decided to recreate these by putting our paper under the desk and drawing using charcoals and chalks as if we were cave people drawing on the ceiling of a cave.  The children enjoyed this new way of working although they did find it extremely tricky lying down and drawing above them.

Week beginning 5th September 2022

This week year 3 have been learning all about South America.  The have learnt about Brazil and the Rio carnival where they made masks and had a parade.  They have also been learning the art of weaving, researching different countries and recording this as well as a range of different art work.