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Week Beginning 3rd June 2024

On Thursday 6th June year 3 joined in with the sponsored walk.  The children enjoyed mixing with the younger children whilst 'walking' around the field.  They especially enjoyed the ice-lollies after!

Week Beginning 13th May

Across the school this week is Art Week. Our focus is Illustrations. On Tuesday, we had a Zoom call with a local illustrator Emma Block. In class, we had a go at creating some of our own illustrations based on our English work. We also created Mandala patterns in nature and using rocks. 

Week Beginning 7th May

This half term, we have had SCS coaches teaching us tennis in our outdoor PE. The children have been getting on really well, developing their ball skills. Each week they focus on a new skill, whilst also working on social skills and teamwork. 

Week Beginning 29th April

This term in Science, we are learning about Animals including Humans. We have been learning about different skeletons and the importance of our human skeleton. This week. the children were challenged to create their own skeletal system in order to protect a vital organ (a chocolate teacake!). The children loved the challenge. We saw a variety of different styles, each with a different level of protection! 

Week Beginning 22nd April 2024

In year 3 we learned the story 'The Manor House'. Can your child use the story map to tell you the story?


Week Beginning 15th April 2024

This week in Maths, we enjoyed a practical lesson, practising our weighing skills. The children had to estimate the weights of different objects and then accurately weigh them using scales. The children had lots of fun during this lesson and developed some great skills! 

Week Beginning 25th March 2024

This week in Maths, we have started learning about capacity. Today we did some practical maths and praticed reading scales and measuring the capacity of different containers. The children worked really sensibly with the water and took great care in reading the scales accurately. 

This half term Year 3 have been making Greek vases using a range of paper skills.  They papier-mâchéd balloons to creat the shape.  They then used rolling and folding techniques to create bases, handles and extra detail.  

Week Beginning 18th March 2024

This half term we have learning songs about life in Ancient Greece. The first was 'Ancient Busy City Athens' which described what life was like in the busy city. The second was about Ancient Greek gods and goddesses, myths and legends, which the children enjoyed learning. Keep your eyes peeled for some videos coming soon! 

Week Beginning 11th March 2024

On Wednesday 13th March the whole school learnt about the role of Young Carers in our school and the wider community.  To raise awareness we wore 'funky socks' and took part in a PSHE lesson to find out about the skills and qualities we each have and thoses of Young Carers.  

week Beginning 4th March 2024

On Friday 8th March Year 3 enjoyed an Ancient Greek Day in school.  They had great fun dressing up as Ancient Greeks and taking part in a range of activities.  In the morning, they choose from a range of crafting activities: carving skills; painting on tiles, creating mosaics, making remedies, crushing olives to use the oil as a lamp, pottery; and making wax tablets.  In the afternoon they took part in a celebration, some were serving in the banquet, others danced, sang or even acted in the celebratory plays.  

Week beginning 26th February 2024

This week, we had our first Squash session with the Off the Wall coaches. The children had a great time learning what squash is and practising some key skills that they will develop over this half term. 

Week beginning 12th February 2024

In Science this half term, we have been learning about Rocks. For our Science day this half term, we investigated which types of soil were the most permeable. The children set up an investigation, making sure that it was a fair test, using a range of different soil types, measuring cylinders, filter paper, funnels and containers. We had to measure how much water was absorb by the soil before it was filtered through the funnel into the container. The children were very interested in the investigation. They did some fantastic scientific write ups in their science books. 

Week beginning 5th February 2024

Over this half term in DT, the children have been researching and designing marble mazes. This week, each class will make them. The children will be using wooden dowels and hack saws, along with a strong cardboard base to ensure that their mazes are sturdy enough for a marble to run through it. 

Week beginning 29th January 2024

In Music this half term, Year 3 have been learning different Viking saga songs. They have taught us about different Viking gods and goddesses. A firm favourite of the songs was Loki the Joker. Each class have performed and filmed the song for you to watch. Enjoy! 



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