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RE Curriculum

At Stanway Fiveways, we value the importance of Religious Education (RE) as it plays a fundamental part in understanding, appreciating and responding to the world in which we live. Our school follows the Essex SACRE guidance and the Essex agreed RE syllabus (exploRE), which provides a rich curriculum that helps to shape our pupils’ own development, beliefs, values and culture. It is our intent for the RE element within our school to enable each child to develop respect for the religious and cultural differences of others and contribute to a cohesive and compassionate society. With this in mind, RE teaching at Stanway Fiveways embraces our five curriculum drivers:

  • Diversity
  • Curiosity
  • The Environment
  • Aspirations
  • Community (our role within the wider world)

Through the exploRE syllabus, Stanway Fiveways is able to offer a balanced curriculum for all pupils. At each stage of learning, it is crucial that we provide pupils with subject specific knowledge regarding a variety of religions so that they have a strong foundation of key concepts, beliefs, practices and vocabulary associated with each. As part of the exploRE syllabus, children in the Foundation Stage start to learn and develop an understanding of religions through stories and role play. Our goal is, that as pupils progress through the exploRE elements of Key Stage One and Two, they will continue to develop their knowledge as well as demonstrate a deep, conceptual understanding of a range of religions including: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Humanism (non-religious beliefs).

At Stanway Fiveways, we aim to ensure that the RE curriculum is engaging, challenging, dynamic and relevant to pupils of all ages. RE is taught on a weekly basis and is also linked with other subject areas where appropriate. Our school provides a safe environment enabling pupils to engage in meaningful discussion where they can develop and share their ideas, opinions and beliefs. Pupils are also encouraged to reflect on their own beliefs and to questions and discuss those of others. Through teaching RE, we are also working towards combatting prejudice and racism, ensuring our pupils are able to function well within a modern, multicultural and democratic Britain.

For our Religious Education Curriculum Intent and Progression Document, please see below.

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