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Welcome to Year 4

Year 4 trip to The Ipswich Museum

There was great excitement on Monday and Wednesday this week when the Year 4 classes took their trips to The Ipswich Museum.

Firstly, let me start by saying how amazing the behaviour was on both days, the children were brilliant representatives for Fiveways whilst there! 

Lots of fun was had by all, in particular making their own Egyptian shabtis, amulets and scarabs out of clay.  The children learnt so much about the Ancient Egyptians, as well as consolidated what we have been learning about in History lessons.  We were extremely impressed that the children were able to answer questions about the Gods and Goddesses, as well as the canopic jars and what would have been kept in them.

After a fun filled day we had some extremely tired children on the way home!

Well done Year 4 for an extremely successful trip, and a lovely memory towards the end of our time together!

DT - making Egyptian bread - WB 28/06/2021

This week, some of the year 4 children were lucky enough to use the DT kitchen to bake their own twist on an ancient Egyptian bread recipe. Some of the flavours they added to their bread were fantastic and they thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 

Sports day 2021!

On Friday 11th June, Year 4 took part in their annual sports day. They had multiple activities to take part in, from football to javelin and even tri-golf! They all had great fun and most of them enjoyed competing against each other. They worked alongside peers from the other classes within the year group who they haven’t seen in a long time and thoroughly enjoyed it! Well done Year 4 for showing such a positive attitude towards sports day and trying your best at all activities!

Squash - WB 07/06/21

This week year 4 started their squash lessons -  all the children had a lot of fun and we look forward to learning lots of new skills in the coming weeks.


Flying Seagulls Project - WB 24/05/2021

This week, Year 4 were lucky enough to watch a performance delivered by the Flying Seagulls. It was a fun, silly show aimed to make the pupils laugh after such a tough year. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed it and most of them were confident enough to take part in the silly parts such as dancing, allowing them to have a good time! It was lovely to see the pupils smiling and doing something different! Thank you Flying Seagulls!

PE - WB 17/05/2021

For outdoor PE this week, Acacia and Damson class have been practising more of their basketball skills. They practised dribbling the ball whilst moving around cones using both their strong and weaker hands. Towards the end of the session, a 'burglar' came along, trying to take the ball from each player whilst they were dribbling it! Aahhh! Chestnut class enjoyed another week of swimming lessons at First Strokes. Their lessons are progressing nicely and they all had the opportunity to go into the deep end this week. Very brave!

Ukulele's - WB 10/05/2021

This week, Year 4 have enjoyed practising and developing their Ukulele skills in their music lessons. They have been learning different chords and have been playing along to the beat of a famous song - 'Can't Stop the Feeling,' by Justin Timberlake. They can describe how the sound of the different chords they are playing makes them feel and have also been learning some of the different notes we may see when playing a piece of music.

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Investigating electricity - WB 26/04/2021

Recently, Year 4 have been investigating how circuits work in our electricity topic in Science. We have investigated series circuits and the children had the oppurtunity to explore the different components - lighting up bulbs; making buzzers sound and in the future we will be testing which materials are the best electrical conductors and insulators so we can apply that knowledge when making our own wire buzzer games.

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