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Welcome to Year 4

Meet the Team

Year 4 is currently a two form entry year group. Mrs Stevens teaches Damson class and Mr Gledhill teaches Acacia. Our Year 4 classes are based on the ground floor of our brand new, recently opened Wheatfield block.

Summer Term

We began our Summer term looking back to 3150BC, the Era of Ancient Egyptians. We looked at key events from this era and placed them on a timeline to understand when they happened in relation to other world events. The highlight of our Egyptian topic was a full day, in school workshop, based on the lives of the Ancient Egyptians.  Our guide created a fabulous day where the children participated in 10 different Egyptian craft activities; from carving scarab beetles to mummifying using animal fat! The day ended with fabulous performances from the Egyptian actors whilst the servants prepared and served a banquet for all!  A truly wonderful experience was had by all!

During Science this term, we looked at describing, classifying and sorting states of matter. We investigated different types of liquids, solids and gases. In our maths topic we revisited many parts from the beginning of the Year, but this time we applied more problem solving and reasoning.

Our final English unit was centred on a picture book called “Quest”, the children planned an additional scene into the story. They built 3D version first so as they could orally tell their scene before drafting it. Myself and Miss Bedford were highly impressed with the standard and creativity of the writing!

The children finished up their swimming lessons at First Strokes this term, all children received a badge with their specific distances that they completed. Our final lesson was a fun session, with lots of confident swimmers showing off their water skills!

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Spring Term

Spring term has been and gone and what a term it has been! We have been busy developing our skills and knowledge as budding inventors! We first explored what it takes to invent something useful, understanding that inventors create things in order to solve a problem (to make life easier). During our history lessons, we looked closely at what inventions have shaped and changed the world we live in today. We linked this into our Computing lessons. Using laptops and working in pairs, we created a PowerPoint presentation on a chosen invention, researching important information and presenting this to the rest of the class. It was then our time to become inventors ourselves! We worked in groups to identify a problem that occurs around school, for example; teachers having too many books to mark. We then had to design and build a prototype invention that would solve this problem!

We have navigated many rivers during Spring Term 2! In Geography, we have explored the journey a river takes from its source at the top or a mountain to its final destination at the sea or lake. We used this knowledge to aid our explanation texts in English. Rivers have also inspired our art work this term. Using Claude Monet as our focus, we used watercolour to create our own interpretation to his masterpiece waterlilies. We then looked in more depth at the actual lilies in the painting and moulded our own out of clay, painting them with detail once they had dried. We look forward to dipping into the Nile when we start our Egypt topic next term!

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Autumn Term


Our year began in 753BC with the foundation of Rome! We created some Roman shields and helmets to help us imagine what it might be like on the battle fields.  We enjoyed a wonderful trip to Colchester Castle to immerse the children in all the Roman History Colchester has to offer.  During Art lessons we examined the beautiful mosaics crafted by the Romans and then made our own versions.
By the second half of Autumn term, we were truly stepped in Roman history! We used a digital text “Gladiators of Rome” to write our very own play scripts, which the children enjoyed directing and acting out!

Next term we will be getting inventive as we look for problems in everyday school life to see if we can design a solution! The children will be pitching their ideas; “Dragons’ Den” style.

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