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Welcome to Year 4

WB 6th June 2022- Jubilee and Egyptian Day!

Even though this has only been  four day week, we have been very bery busy! On Tuesday we celebrated the Queen's Platinum Jubilee with art, garden games and cake! 

On Friday we had our Egyptian Day, the children were amazing and we had a fabulous time learning and exploring the Egyptian ways of life in a fun and interactive way. We played games they would have played, completed a quiz, looked at some real Egyptian artefacts, discussed life and death under Pharoah rule and went through the mummification process! It was a fabulous day enjoyed by all! 

WB 23rd May 2022- Giving change and our lovely stories!

We are concluding this half term with our maths based on money. We have identified the coinds and their values, solved problems relating to money and found change from amounts. This week, we each set up a little stall and went shopping. The children had to decide what to get, work out how much it would cost and then any change they may need. They worked beauitfully and really enjoyed this lesson. 

Our wonderful stories have been completed! All of our planning, drafting, editing and presenting has paid off. We each have a superb piece of writing, now published into a book. We thought up titles, translated these to hieroglyphs and wrote a short blurb to entice the reader. We shared our sotries with each other one afternoon. 

WB 16th May 2022- algorithms and homework

Our computing topic this term is 'Repetition in Shape' and we have explored programmes and different algorithms to create shapes. The children have done very well with this and are really enjoying figuring out the next steps and seeing if their algorithm will work. 

In history, we have been learning about hierogliphics and we each created a cartouche. These were made for very important people so they could be remembered- we are all very important!! 

We have also had lots of super homework handed in this week from homemade egyptian bread, toilet roll canopic jars and facts and quizzes all about ancient Egypt. We have thoroughly enjoyed sharing this and hearing about how the children completed the activities. 

WB 9th May 2022- Narratives

All of year 4 have been writing narratives. We all found an object that teleported us to Ancient Egypt where we had a variety of adventures! The children have been working really hard to include lots of lovely descriptive devices, figurative language and suspene writing. We are going to 'publish' them into little books and design the front covers to look like papyrus with the title written in hierogliphics. 

WB 2nd May 2022- Digestive System

Our science topic this term is animals including humans. We will be learning all about food, food chains and digestion. Last week, we looked at each of the parts that plays a part in digesting our food and this week we had a closer look at the function of each of these by creating digestive systems using tights and sandwich bags. 

At each stage, we discussed the parts of the digestion system and their function through the journey of digestion. 

WB 25th April 2022- Athletics and art

During our outdoor PE sessions this half term, we are completing athletic activites and are doing this as a whole year group. This week was running week. We did an agility obstacle course, a sprint and a long distance run around the field. The kids did fantastically with this and it is also good preparation for sports day. 

In art, we are working on sketching skills to show texture and shading. Our end goal is to sketch the other half of our faces as an ancient Egyptian in a headdress.  

WB 18th April 2022- Gymnastics

We have had a lovely week back at school. Chestnut had a fabulous time swimming and Damson and Acacia have been practicing their gymnastics skills. We have all made a super start on writing an adventure story based in Ancient Egypt and will start learing all about decimals next week. 

WB 28th March 2022- Fractions and homework

We have been working really hard with out fractions knowledge this half term and have made excellent progress in our understanding of fractions. 

Our Year 4 Roman Cup team did incredibly well, one of our girls won 'most improved girl'! Well done all. 

We also recieves lots of lovely homework for our 'Raging Rivers' topic. They each shared their work with their class and answered any questions. We look forward to seeing what they create for our 'Ancient Egyptian' topic. 

WB 21st March 2022- Forest School

All of year 4 have had a brilliant time in our forest school sessions. We have made hammocks, built dens, started fires, toasted marshmallows, been pond dipping and had a fabulous time all being together in the great outdoors! 

WB 14th March 2022- Funky Socks and Comic Relief!

We have had a very busy week this week! The children have enjoyed art week, participating in different projects within the school; we wore funky socks in support of young carers and we celebrated our Superpowers on Friday while raising money for Comic Relief.

We had a fabulous few sessions of Forest School and toasted tasty marshmallows on fires that we lit using flint and steel. It was a very tasty morning! We also went pond dipping and found some very friendly newts enjoying Spring. 

WB 7th March 2022 - States of matter and balances

In our second science lesson we were adding to our knowledge of solids and liquids by investigation gas. We looked at the molecules within each state and experimented with bottles, sponges and balloons. They were asking some very scientific questions. 

In PE we are working on our balances in gymnastics. This week we got the equipment out and discussed mirroring and contrasting balances by body shape and level. They had a great time working together to create lovely lines and balances. 

WB 28th February 2022 - Our first Forest School Sessions

We all had an absolutely fabulous time outside for our forest school this week. All children engaged in different activities, worked together and didn't complain about the weather at all! We loved getting muddy and creating our own dens and shelters. There is also lots to look forward to in the next few sessions with more shelter building, mud slides and toasting marshmallows by the fire! 

WB 21st February 2022 - Science, solids and liquids

Our science topic this term is states of matter and we started this week looking at liquids and solids. The children experiemented with a variety of materials and classified them accordingly. This links in with our geography topic of rivers and the water cycle. 

WB 7th February 2022 - Squash at the Garrison

After our half term of squash coaching at school we were lucky enough to go to the Garrison this week and play on real courts! We had a great time in the bus and played lots of different activites and games. 

WB 31st January 2022 - Multiplication

We have been working really hard in maths at the moment. We are learning about multiplication and have been using counters to show our understanding. We can now confidently multiply 3 digit numbers. 


WB 24th January 2022 - French

In year 4 we have been lucky enough to have lessons from a secondary french teacher. We discussed different foods and our opinions of them. 

WB 17th January 2022 - Electricity

Our science topic this term is 'electicity', we have been exploring different equipments and making our own working circuits! Year 4 made super predictions about circuits and explained why we thought they would work or not. We will be looking at insulators and conductors next time, experimenting with different materials. 

WB 10th January 2022 - Artefacts

We had our second ukulele lesson this week, we have mastered the C chord and A minor and have played these in some very well-known songs. We are still learning about the Romans this term and had a super history lesson this week exploring artefacts. We asked lots of questions; thought about what they were made of; what they were used for and who would have used it.

WB 3rd January 2022 - Squash

Our first three days back have been action packed with squash, starting our recount writing unit and carrying on with our super multiplication learning in maths.

WB 13th December 2021 - DT

This week we have been designing and making Roman Chariots.  The children have spent time looking at toys with wheels and axles, researching features of a Roman chariot and designing their own.  They have also looked at different joining techniques before choosing the one they wished to use in their final design.  

WB 6th December 2021 - English

Over the past few weeks we have been writing Myths in English lessons.  The children have learnt the features that are needed to write Myths and we have been extremely pleased with the quality of their final copies!  Some classes chose to type theirs up, while others decided to concentrate on their handwriting and illustrations.  They have all worked so hard, and really enjoyed this unit.


WB 29th November 2021 - Historical Re-enactment

This week the children were super excited to take part in their very own Roman Battle!  Thank you so much for all of your support in helping your children to make their helmets and swords for this.  They enjoyed designing and making their shields in class in preperation for their battle.  All of the children were extremely well behaved when we got together and had lots of fun trying out different formations to see which would have been more effective for the Romans to stop arrows hitting them.

WB 22nd November 2021 - Maths

In Maths, we have been doing lots of measuring!  We measured items in the classroom and converted the units to cm and mm.  Then we measured the lengths on the playground and used mathematical language to compare them.  Finally we measured  our heights and did some ordering, adding and comparing of our heights.  We are now moving onto look at the perimeter of a shape.

WB 15th November 2021 - Music

Music has been noisy but fun!  We have all been working in the music room and using the glockenspiels.  Th children have been listening to and recalling simple note patterns and then working in pairs for music duets.  We hope to build on our skills and confidence over the coming weeks and learn a Christmas Carol by the end of the unit!

WB 8th November 2021 - Science and Remembrance Day

In year 4 we have all been studying sound.  We have been finding out that sounds are made through vibrations that travel through different materials.  We tested this out with musical instruments, and did some practical activities involving rice, tuning fork and water, and slinkies.  Why not ask your child to explain what we did!


In Chestnut class they made a remembrance wreath in memory of all of those that gave their lives to help us live in the world that we do now.


WB 1st November 2021 - Diwali

Wow!  This week we were lucky enough to have a Ramayana Dance workshop in school which taught the children about the festival of Diwali through Dance.  We were all so impressed with the enthusiasm, teamwork and participation by all children.  We then went back to class and created our own Diwali artwork by painting along to traditional Indian music, and then creating beautiful silhouettes of dancers.

WB 18th October 2021 - Art

In art this half term we have been focusing on collage.  We painted sky scapes and then used ripped up paper to create the sea, using layering for effect.  Finally we made origami boats to finish off our pictures.

WB 11th October 2021 - Geography

sses worked together this week looking at some historical maps of Stanway.  We compared several maps of the area around the school ( the earliest dating back to the mid 1600s) and then talked about how the area had changed.  We then looked into the future and talked about what Stanway could be like in 50 years time and what impact all the possible changes would have on the environment.

WB 4th October 2021 - Science

In Science this week, we took our learning outdoors.  We have been grouping animals, and so we were searching for verabrates and invertabrates.

WB 27th September 2021 - English

In English we have been focusing on the book Treasure Island.  This week we have written letters from the point of view of Long John Silver or Jim.  We have worked hard to look at the features of letter writing, and incorporated them into our own.  We displayed our letters on tea-stained paper to make them look authentic.


WB 4th October 2021 - Geography

There was great excitement last week when we went on a Geography field trip of the local area.  The children delighted in pointing out various landmarks along the way, including the many schools down Winstree Road, and drew them on a map.  On returning to school we shared our findings, and made sure that we had all plotted the various buildings, parks etc.  The children then drew their own accurate representation of the school and surrounding area.  They all worked extremely hard with their maps and should be very proud of the work they have completed!

WB 27th September 2021 - Tennis

In Outdoor PE, we are currently perfecting our forehand and backhand ball control in Tennis lessons.  Everybody is working hard, and behaving beautifully.  We'll see Wimbledon in no time at all!

WB 20th September 2021 - Music

In Music lessons this half term we are completing a singing unit based on Abba's Mama Mia.  The children are all very enthusiatic about it, and have enjoyed their first lessons.  If you've not heard them practising at home yet, ask them to sing Mama Mia to you!

WB 13th September 2021 - Australasia and Oceana

We had great fun last week as part of our Australasia and Oceana topic.  The children took part in a Bush Tucker Trial like those completed on 'I'm a Celebrity'.  The children had so much fun working as a whole year group for the first time in what feels like forever!  They all engaged well and were willing to try some interesting food choices including Monkey snot, Koala tongue and Wallaby ear wax.  The children had lots of fun, and learnt about different Australian animals at the same time.

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