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Welcome to Year Four!

World Book Day!

The children in year 4 dressed up as their favourite book characters - I think you'll agree that they look amazing!

wb 24th February 2023

The children loved finding out about solids and liquids - at first they were molcules and were turned into either a solid, liquid or gas.  They then went back into the class and explored the properties of solids and liquids.  They investigated what sand was?  is it a solid or a liquid?  and then they invetigated a variety of other materials.  Finally they had to think carefully what shaving foam and jelly could be classified as.  Do you know?

wb 26th January 2023

The children from all the classes in Y4 enjoyed their ukulele lessons with Mr. Web - they learnt some chords and then applied these to some songs.  They practiced their rhythm with a clapping exercise.

wb 30th January 2023

The children in all the Y4 classes have been learning rugby skills this term.  They have been developing their ball handling - learning how to pass and recieve a ball.  The children have also learnt how to tackle using tags and applied their  skills in lots of mini games.  You can clearly see the children are enjoying themselves, despite the 'chilly' weather!

wb 9th January 2023

The children from all the classes in Y4 enjoyed their first squash lesson of the year.  It began with the coaches teaching the children some racket skills and many of them did well - we're all looking forward to using the nets (walls) in the coming weeks.

wb 5th December 2022 - Christmas Jumper Day

The children across the whole school this week wore their Christmas jumpers on Wednesday and enjoyed our Christmas dinner in the hall with all the staff. It was a fabulously festive day and the children made some Christmas cards this afternoon. 

wb 28th November - Panto

This week, the children were lucky enough to experience the travelling panto. The play was Beauty and the Beast. The children had a fantastic time and even had the opportunity to get involved. 

wb 21st November - Science

Our Science topic this half term is sound. The children in year 4 have explore how sound is made using different equipment. They have used the key vocabulary such as vibrations, soundwaves, decibels etc. They had great time and certainly made lots of noise! 

wb 14th November - English Narrative

In year 4, we have been learning about Oedipius and the Sphinx. With the story and language development, we have been planning a narrative piece of writing which has dialogue and action this week. The children worked extremely hard to include speech marks (inverted commas) within their writing. The planning format they have used broke their writing down into stages. The children used images, speech bubbles and key vocabulary that they needed to include within their writing. 

wb 7th November - Maths

In year 4, we have concluded our Maths unit of addition and subtraction. We began to look at area this week. The children explored ways to measure area and evaluated what was the most effective method. They worked in pairs and estimated area using different resources. Fabulous team work everyone! 

wb 31st October - Colchester Castle Trip

This half term we kicked off with a bang by visiting Colchester Castle to introduce our Romans topic. The children had an enjoyable day and learned many facts about the Romans and Colchester in the past. The children worked in groups to build an iron round house and a roman house. The explored a range of artefacts and answered questions about them. All the groups also got to experience the underneath of the castle, where the tour guides took us back in time to learn about the Romans and the Celts. The children were extremely well behaved and did the school proud. Well done year 4! 

wb 17th October - Art Sculptures

In Art, we have explored a range of local and famous sculptures. We decided to pick animals, which are based around Colchester Zoo. The children created their own frame for their chosen animal using pipe cleaners. Then, they used tin foil to wrap around the pipe cleaners to add more detail to the sculptures. The children had a great time creating their ow sculpture and they look fantastic. 

wb 10th October - Mini Beast Hunt

Our topic for Science this half term has been Living Things and their Habitats. The children have explored how to classify animals based on their characteristics, habitats and diet. They have developed their understanding of some scientific vocabulary, such as: vertebrate, invertebrate, mammals, reptiles and other categories.  The children improved their understanding of invertebrates by going on a mini-beast hunt in the Forest Area. They caught a variety of mini-beasts and classified them based on their characteristics, for example: How many legs is had? Or does it have a hard shell? The children had a great time and produced some fantastic labelled diagrams of their mini-beasts. 

wb 3rd October - Geography Walk

Our topic for this half term is Our Local Area. The children have explored a variety of maps and understand how to draw then from an aerial view. On Wednesday, all of year 4 went for a walk around Stanway to look for key landmarks or buildings that were common around the area. They established that there were a lot of schools in our local area. They also spotted the park, the church, shops and many other features of Stanway. As a year group, we returned and drew an aerial view map of the walk we had just completed using the key buildings as their markers. The children discussed how the landscape is made up of a lot of houses and how it has changed over time. They all walked really well around Stanway and made the school proud! Well done year 4!

wb 26th September - English

This week in English, we have been exploring biographies and what features they need to include. The children have worked in groups to create their very own famous person. In their groups, the children have had to use their imagination to create a whole life of a person. We have lots of adventurers, footballers, singers and many more. They had to think of each stage of their person's life - early life, education, interests and hobbies, working life, achievements and what they are doing now. The children used pictures and notes to support their writing next week. 

wb 19th September - Maths

Our Maths unit over the last couple of weeks has been place value. The children have explored numbers up to 10,000 and the value of each digit. This week they used counters to help their understanding of more and less. Using the concrete approach supports the children's understanding of how the numbers change and their values. 

wb 12th September - Gymnastics

In PE this week, the children began their gymnastis unit. They had the opportunity to explore the climbing frames and the ropes. We discussed the importance of keeping safe and careful listening whilst on the equipment. Next week, each class will have the chance to spend longer on each piece of equipment and explore their strength and a variety of jumps and holds. 

wb 5th September - Continents Week

This week, we returned to school after the summer holidays. The children have enjoyed learning about the continent Australasia. The children have learned some of the countries and explored the territories of Australia. Year 4 went dotty, when creating their aboriginal art. They have explored the Great Barrier Reef and some of the issues that it faces. Some of the children got to design and create their own Maori masks to wear for our intimidating Haka dance inspired by the New Zealand rugby team. Overall, a fantastic week had by all! 


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