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Welcome to Year Four!

Week beginning 8th January 2024

Since returning back from our Christmas break, the children have been introduced to some new skills and lessons. The children are lucky to have both the wonderful Squash coaches and EPC for their indoor and outdoor PE. In Squash, the children were challenged with their balance and ball control, whilst in Tag Rugby they were playing invasion games linked to passing and scoring tries. Also, the children began their ukulele lessons and were exploring two chords (C and A minor). All three classes over the next few weeks will be building their Roman catapults. This week Damson, began and they measured, sawed and glued their Roman catapult together. Overall, the chidlren have returned back to school positively! 

Friday 15th December 2023

Year 4 took part in a science investigation on Thursday to answer the question 'does the shape of the balloon affect the loudness of the pop'. They used different shape balloons and a child popped them with a pin. At the same time the children used a sound meter on the Ipads to measure the noise level in decibels for each time the balloon was popped. They spent the whole day completing the investigation, writing it up including a method, results and conclusion. They drew a bar chart to display their results and discussed the ideas of 'a fair test' and which variables they changed and kept the same. 

In DT, the children have loved learning to cross stitch creating their own designs to make a cross stitch bauble that can be hung on the tree. They have also worked hard to create Christmas cards for each other.

Friday 8th December 2023

The children have had a busy week of Christmas activities - a visit from the Panto last Friday, Christmas dinner, making Christmas cards and beginning cross stitch sewing that will lead to the children sewing a cross stitch design on a bauble shaped piece of fabric that can be hung on the Christmas tree. They have been learning to attack and defend in hockey and performed their dance routine to Miss Barnes who leads dance club at school. In Damson class, the children have been teaching each other how to divide in maths using the formal 'bus stop' method. 

Friday 1st December 2023

This week the children have been learning to multiply using the column method and divide using the short formal 'bus stop' method up to 3 digit numbers. In English they have been using all of the writing tools that they have practised over the last three weeks to begin independently writing their own information text on a mythical animal. In history, they have been learning about the Roman inventions and changes that they brought after invading Britain. We discussed which inventions they thought had been the most or least important and many children thought that coins and glass where important developments. 

Friday 24th November 2023

This week the children enjoyed a science afternoon learning about sound and how we hear sound because of the vibrations through the air. The children worked with all of the year 4 teachers and took part in lots of sound experiments outside, measuring the decibels of a sound from different distances), experimenting with how vibrations can move through tables, the ground as well as the air. Inside they used tubes talking and listening to each other through tubes and funnels, put balloons between themselves and another child to talk to and listen to each other via the balloons, watched and listened to the vibrations from a guitar and experimented with tuning forks. There was much excitement listening to the sounds created by the tuning forks and how the vibrations caused the water to rippled when the vibrating tuning fork touched the water. The children have also been worked hard practising their group dances during PE lessons and demonstrated great teamwork.

Friday 17th November 2023

This week the children have been learning about the religions of Christianity, Islam and Hinduism, comparing the meaning of their religious symbols, important festivals, their sacred book and how they worship their God or gods. Acacia class have been learning about sound, moving round the school using a sound meter to test which were the louder or quieter areas of the school. In Damson class, the children have been researching Roman catapults and creating a design for their own wooden Roman-style catapult that they will be making in the next few weeks. In Chestnut class, the children have been comparing Romans and Celts. They demonstrated great knowledge about the two groups of people, many of these facts were learnt on the trip to Colchester Castle. In maths, they have enjoyed practising their 3, 6 and 9 times tables playing games on Times Table Rock Stars, played times table board games and they made fortune teller games to help them learn the 6 times table.

Friday 10th November 2023

This week the children have enjoyed their second hockey lesson with SCS coaches. They have been learning to control the ball using a hockey stick and pass accurately to a partner. In dance the children have been learning to create their own routines in a group using the six dance moves that they created last week. In history, they have now begun their new topic on Romans. Damson class used the painted timeline in the corridor to identify how long ago Roman times were and the children showed fantastic knowledge recalling facts about Boudica, Celts and Romans that they learnt on their trip to Colchester castle. Across the year four classes, the children have been learning to practically order key events in history and time periods in order to gain a better understanding about where the Roman era fits around other key time periods. 

Friday 3rd November 2023

We have had a very exciting end to our week with a trip to Colchester Castle as part of our Roman topic! Year four explored the vaults via a guided tour and found out about different artefacts in the museum ranging from Roman times to the Civil War. They completed activities as they moved around the museum and loved exploring everything in the museum. They also completed a hands-on archaeology activity, constructing a model Roman Villa and Iron Age Round house. As part of this they also learnt to handle and identify archaeologists finds.  The children loved the practical, hands-on nature of the day and learn many new facts about Roman times and Colchester Castle! 

Friday 20th October 2023

We have had a busy end to the half-term in year 4. The children have been working hard to independently write their own warning tale, using the tools and grammar that we have been learning over the last few weeks. They have demonstrated great concentration to write their stories. In maths, the children have been learning to subtract using the column method, exchanging by borrowing a ten, hundred or thousand from the next column. Pictures of counters in each column (thousands, hundreds, tens and ones) were used to help them understand what was happening when exchanging. In Damson class, the children have been learning to compare old and new maps to understand and observe how the land use has changed over time. In French, year 4 have now come to end of their 'En Classe' unit of work. They have learnt to say and write the names of objects found in a pencil case, such as a calculator, pencil, pen and and pencil sharpener.  In Art, year 4 have been creating their own animal themed sculptures using pipe cleaners and tin foil. They had to learn to mould and shape the foil to create the shape of the animal.

Friday 13th October 2023

In basketball this week, the children have been learning to improve their shooting and teamwork, playing in 3 versus 3 teams. In English, they have been working hard to innovate the original 'The canal' story that they have learnt and adapt it to create their own version of the story. They have included the power of 3 adjectives to clearly describe the setting for the reader, personification, show not tell the characters feelings and begin sentences with adverbial phrases. In science, the children have learnt about habitats and the risk to nature if their habitats are destroyed. This in turn led to an interesting discussion about how we can create homes for wildlife in our garden's and around the school. In maths, the children have learnt to add 4 digit numbers together using the column method. In art lessons, the children have looked at pictures of sculptures around culture and begun to make their own sculptures using pipe cleaners to create a structure and then tin foil wrapped around the basic sculpture. 

Friday 6th October 2023

In geography, the children have been learning to read a grid reference to identify places on OS maps. They also learnt the shortened names for places such as colleges, schools and pubs. In English the children have been developing their vocabulary when learning to describe in detail the scene of a deserted factory, use personification to bring the scene to life and more varied adjectives to improve their writing. In maths the children have been learning about Roman numerals and enjoyed joining in with this song to help them learn them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1UmAgekzbs 

In basketball the children practised shooting into a hoop and played as part of a team, 3 versus 3. They loved playing against each other and enthusiastically joined in with the game! 

Friday 29th September 2023

We started our week in a very exciting way, with a walk around Stanway as part of our Geography topic to discuss the land use and then create aerial view maps from our observations. The children enjoyed looking around the local area and using what they had learnt to create their maps when back at school. They needed to colour code the maps and carefully consider the position of houses, halls, schools, the playing field and other landmarks that they had noticed while out walking. 

In maths, year 4 have been learning how to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000. In English, they have begun their new 'Talk for Writing' unit. This is a story called 'The canal' - a warning tale about two boys who play down by the canal even though they have been warned that it is dangerous. The children have begun to be able to retell the story using a story map and actions - perhaps they can retell some of it to someone at home!?

In Damson class, the children have been learning to classify invertebrates. They created a definition for an invertebrate and went outside to collect some in the wild area. Following this, they classified them by putting them into groups, such as insects in one group and spiders in another group.

Friday 22nd September 2023

In Acacia and Damson class, the children have been learning to write as part of a group, sharing their ideas to improve simple sentences. In maths they have been continuing learning about place value, including finding 10,100 and 1000 more or less than a number. In PE, they have learnt to defend in basketball while dribbling a ball. In gymnastics they have been working on improving their confidence with using a range of equipment. Science has involved learning about how to classify invertebrates using a range of criteria, including the groups of mammals, fish, birds etc. This year, the children have begun their paired reading with the EYFS classes, enjoying sharing a book and reading to the younger children. It was lovely to see how much they enjoyed this activity and how caring the year 4's were towards the younger children.

Friday 15th September 2023

This week in year 4, the children have learnt how to dribble in basketball and loved learning how to safely use the gymnastics equipment. In maths, they have been learning to partition numbers into thousands, tens and ones up to 10,000. During English lessons we have focussed on developing grammar skills, learning to identify verbs, adjectives, adverbs and adverbial phrases as well as use them within their writing. As part of our maps topic, the children learnt to create aerial view maps. 


Friday 8th September

We have had a fantastic first week, learning about Australia and Australasia as part of our continents week. The children created beautiful aboriginal paintings and printed using foam tiles (which they indented with their design) and paint to make Australian themed prints. In Damson class we have learnt a Haka dance from New Zealand and created Haka masks. Year four also learnt about the key cities, territories and locations in Australia, labelling them on a map. In other art, they followed steps to learn to draw a koala and kangaroo. In a computing lesson, they used Ipads to research and compare key facts about Austrailia compared with another neighbouring country. 

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