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Welcome to Year Five!

W.B. 14.11.22- We have been really busy with a range of different subjects! We have recently fired a water rocket and learnt about the order of the planets. In computing, we have started vector drawing, which the children are loving. Music has been entertaining, with the children learning Jingle Bells on the xylophone. Finally, we have some fantastic year 5 achievements. The children were amazing in dodgeball and P.I. came first place in an external dance competetion!

W.B.- This week in year 5 in RE, we explored the importance of emotions and feelings. Children worked in groups to identify different feelings and acted these out. They created their own mood boards to express themselves using the IPads. We developed our vocabulary in English and worked on squared, cubed and prime numbers in Math. We have Squash this term in P.E. and the children loved their experience this week.

W.B. 17-10-22 We made it! First half term done. The children were excellent throughout and displayed an amazing willingness to learn. We ended the half term with a fantastic rugby tournament and produced some excellent art! We look forward to the children returning after a fantastic half term!

W.B. 10.10.22- This week the children have been working really hard on developing their mathematical understanding of addition and subtraction and working on their understanding of exchanging. In English, they have been developing their emotive language and use of fronted adverbials in newspaper articles. In Science, the children have seperated materials. Finally, a big well done for all the children who produced some fantastic homework!

W.B. 03.10.22 - This week children developed their understanding of addition and used counters with place value maths in order to deepen their conceptual knowledge of calculations. They were also introduced to the genre of newspaper articles and have started to explore the features of these, including generating engaging headlines. In R.E., children were learning about worship and shrines in Hinduism. Some children have started to bring in their natural disaster homework, including models of volcanoes.

26-09-22- This week, the children took part in a phenomenal science workshop that focused on the scientific process involved in air pollution and contributed strategies on how we could prevent harmful pollution in our local area. We continued to strengthen our understanding of place value up to 1,000,000 and progressed onto rounding to the nearest, 10, 100, 1,000 and 10,000. In English, we published the final draft of our natural disaster-themed diary entries.


W.B. 19-09-22- This week in year 5 we have continued our hard work on natural disasters. The children were shown the features and locations of volcanoes and learnt how they occur! For a bit of fun we conducted a short experiment. In our maths we still remain focused on our understanding of number and ensuring we have a solid foundation before we move on! English we are focusing on different verb tenses within diary writing.

W.B. 12.09.22- This week we have had a real focus on conceptual, pictorial and abstract. The children have been building their understanding of number. We have had the excellent EPC in delivering dodgeball providing a diverse P.E. experience for the children and they are beginning to construct a sketch of a tornado inline with our topic- Natural disasters.

W.B. 05.09.22- This week in year 5, we welcomed the children back with Africa week. We have completed a range of activities, including African maths, art (water colours and pastel use), atlas work and African dance. The children have shown fantastic behaviour and attitude which we look forward to seeing more of in the following weeks!

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