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Welcome To Year 5

Summer Term

Throughout Year 5, the teaching team aim to foster both independence and team work within our children. This is championed in the Summer Term when we offer our pupils a wide variety of ways in which to work in order to celebrate these valuable skills. Our main topic is Africa, which provides the perfect stimulus.

As well as producing stunning cubist and sponging paintings, we completed a unit of textiles work based on tie-dye. The children were challenged to practise different wrapping techniques before designing, customising and evaluating their own t-shirt. They were then tasked with choreographing, narrating and performing a fashion show. It was a truly vibrant afternoon!

David Attenborough became our hero and guide when we undertook a unit of English work about non-chronological reports. The children learnt what a great narration sounds like and used this to help them as they planned, wrote and delivered amazing African animal mini-documentaries.

In Music, we have learnt about the history of West African drumming. We explored how to use the syllables of words to create phrases then maintain rhythms. These were then layered as polyrhythms. Our unit culminated with an inspiring workshop led by a professional musician. The children each played a djembe drum as part of a class band. They lifted the roof with their perfectly synchronised, powerful performance!

The Summer Term’s learning experiences have provided the opportunity for the children in Ash and Cedar to access the wonderful outside environment we have here at Stanway Fiveways. As well as the Sponsored Walk and KS2 Sports Day, we ran an Outdoor Learning Week. The children completed a wealth of activities relating to Geography, Science and P.E. They used our fabulous electronic orienteering kit, went pond dipping, completed photography challenges and learnt a wide range of map reading skills. One of the pupils’ favourite strategy games was ‘Puzzle Dash’ and we couldn’t resist the opportunity of toasting marshmallows. Mid-week, the children became intrepid explorers when we visited Cudmore Grove on Mersea. They developed desert island skills: beach shelter building, fire lighting, water collecting and problem solving. They proved themselves to be natural survivors!

As this term draws to a close, we look back with fondness and smiles as we recall the happy times spent together learning and developing. It has been a wonderful year!

Spring Term

This term in year 5, Ash and Cedar have been learning about the Mayans. We have learned about the variety of gods they worshipped, tried Mayan hot chocolate (with a range of reactions), made their own Mayan masks for celebrations or battle and studied the Mayan game of Pok-a-Tok. 

Year five have been extremely lucky this term, receiving sports coaches to teach them tag rugby and squash coaching. The final session of our squash coaching the children got to apply their squash skills on official squash courts at the Colchester Garrison Gymnasium.

In English, the children have been inspired by our suspense topic to write some spooky settings building the tension for the reader and have thoroughly enjoyed making comparisons of David Walliams’ books ‘The Boy in the Dress’ and ‘Billionaire Boy’. 

The children have also used the laptops to produce some fantastic PowerPoint presentations on fossils, the solar system and evolution. A big well done to all the children for their efforts and achievements this term and we look forward to the summer term!

Autumn 1 and 2

The Autumn Term began with a bang as our topic was Natural Disasters. The children linked their Geography learning with English to explore newspaper reporting and diary writing. Forces of nature also provided the stimuli for some powerful art work.

The focus for the second half of the term was the Victorians; the perfect time of year for this topic! The children wrote gritty, moving poems about life in a workhouse mill and later studied Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. We had a wonderful day at Braintree Museum where the children: took part in a Victorian classroom experience; became historians as they explored genuine artefacts and learnt about how many of our Christmas traditions began in this era.

Other highlights have included: Multicultural Week, watching the Mercury Theatre pantomime, carol singing and a visit from 5Live Wind Quintet.

The Year 5 teaching team have been continually amazed by our enthusiastic pupils. They have embraced this term with relish; taking every opportunity to learn, display their individual characters and skills and drive their progress. This was particularly evident when Cedar and Ash planned, prepared and delivered their own Celebration of Learning assemblies.

What a productive and memorable term!

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