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Friday 22nd March 2024

The children have had an excellent week, they have successfully completed their innovation of a persuasive advert in English and have now shifted their focus towards generating ideas and planning for their independent writing tasks.

Mrs. Woolnough led another enriching yoga session for the children, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Their increasing maturity during these sessions is evident, and they are gaining valuable insights from them. We extend our gratitude to Mrs. Woolnough for dedicating her time to organising these sessions for the children.

In Art, the children are currently sketching jumping frogs, applying the various skills they've acquired throughout the term. These skills include drawing in perspective and employing different shading techniques to portray shadows and movement convincingly.

Meanwhile, in Maths, the children are delving into the realms of drawing, reading and interpreting line graphs and tables. Today's lesson was particularly enjoyable, as the children collaborated to plot data on their line graphs and devised questions for their peers to answer, fostering an interactive learning environment.

Friday 15th March 2024

Throughout this week, the students have been diligently tackling their assessments, showcasing remarkable resilience and determination. We're exceedingly proud of the progress they've made. On Wednesday, we observed Young Carers Day by encouraging the children to don funky socks, sparking discussions about the admirable skills and qualities exhibited by young carers in supporting their families. In English class, we've commenced crafting the innovation phase of our persuasive advert. The students have been dedicated to honing their persuasive writing skills and have generated some brilliant ideas. We're eagerly anticipating reading their independent writing.


Friday 1st March 2024

Welcome back, Year 5! We're off to a bustling start this Spring term, and I must commend the exceptional hard work put in by our Year 5 students this week. In our English sessions, we delved into an exciting new non-fiction topic. The children not only learned the text but also fully embraced their roles as 'Giant Whisperers,' immersing themselves in the subject matter. Meanwhile, in Computing, our students were introduced to an innovative concept—venturing into the realm of 3D digital modeling. They enthusiastically engaged in both the creation and exploration of these models, demonstrating their prowess in designing and constructing imaginative 3D creations.

Friday 16th February 2024

Throughout this week, the Year 5 classes were immersed in a whirlwind of creativity, diligently crafting their own Victorian-inspired light sources. The entire process was a delightful adventure, with students thoroughly enjoying the creation of their lanterns and enthusiastically showcasing their handiwork to their peers. Engaging in a range of skills, from precision sawing to adeptly using a hot glue gun, the students explored concepts such as various angles, different joints, circuitry, and overall design aesthetics.

The collaborative spirit was palpable as they seamlessly worked together, each member of the team assuming distinct roles and acting as facilitators for one another. Kudos to Year 5 for their commendable teamwork! The final results were nothing short of spectacular, showcasing the collective effort and artistic prowess of the entire class. 

Friday 9th February 2024

It has been another busy week in year 5, with plenty of learning going on. English has been a new unit of writing based on diary writing. The children are using their prior knowledge of Victorian children to enable them to add more interesting details into their writing.  Maths has moved onto decimals and percentages but still linking the children's fraction knowledge too.  In science the children have learnt about levers, gears and pulleys and which one is appropriate to for a particular job.  The children have designed their lantern ready to make next week.

Friday 2nd February 2024

It has been another busy week in year 5. The children have been mulitpling fractions and finding fractions of quantities and amounts. In English they have planned and written their independent 'defeat the monster' tale. In science the children used the magnets to investigate magnetism. History was all about trade and the British Empire and how the British Empire impacted on the rest of the world. The children put the skills they had learnt in dodgeball and were playing matches against each other; in hockey they were tackling and defending which lead into playing matches next week. In computing the children had great fun changing text and images on websites.

Friday 26th January 2024

This has been another busy week in year 5. Lessons have carried on with progression in dogdeball and hockey. In science Ash class used the ramps and the cars to investigate friction. They have finished their power points on a key figure of the Victorian era and presented them to the class. In English the children have been innovating the model text along side the teacher in preparation for independent writing next week. Maths has been short division and working in groups to solve problems.

Friday 19th January 2024

Another busy week of learning in year 5. The children have been mastering long multiplication, they worked in groups to solve word problems, this led to some peer to peer coaching and support during the working out.  In English the children have been learning and practicing the tools that they will be using in their innovation writing to add characterisation to their writing.     PE has been adding to the skills learning in the first week of both hocky and dodgeball and next week they will apply them to some short games.  The children have learnt about key people of the Victorian era and researched and created power points which they then delivered to the class. Ash class were lucky enought to have Mrs Davies from Stanway school come and deliver a french lesson foccusing on roman numerals.

Friday 12th January 2024

The children have had a busy first full week back, starting their new units of work for the half term. Writing has seen them create a story map for their new text Smaug, which is a defeat the monster story with a focus on characterisation. In PE they had SCS in to teach them dodgeball and outdoor PE is hockey where they learnt the skills of dribbling and controlling the ball. Science has a focus on forces and this week was gravity. They had to learn the difference between weight and mass and then used the Newton meters to find the weigjht and mass of different objects in the classroom. History is continuing with the Victorians and this week was all about the Industrial revolution. They had to compare what it was like before the industrial revolution and during it. Design and Technology is a construction unit and they were researching victorian light sources and given the design brief that they would be making a lantern.

Friday 8th December 2023

In English this week the children created their own persuasive Christmas advert. They watched some Christmas adverts and we discussed the messages that the adverts give; the persuasiveness of the adverts and what they were trying to persuade you to buy or do. The children then mind-mapped ideas for their own advert. They then created a storyboard of the advert. In Ash class the children then presented the adverts to the rest of the class. Maths has been a continuation of fractions, adding and subtracting. In music they listened to Edward Elgar as a Victorian composer. In squash they had a tournament as it was their last lesson putting into practice all of the shots and tactics they have learnt throughout the half term. 

Friday 15th December 2023

Year 5 have been busy this week. They have finished the unit of maths with adding mixed number fractions and learning how to partition the fractions or put into improper fractions to help them work out the calculations. English has had a Christmas theme this week; they have written a diary entry based on a Christmas advert and performed a Grinch poem. In history they had to research Victorian inventions and then present their findings to the class. The children have had their last basket ball lesson and as usual throughly enjoyed themselves. In computing the children used the skills they had used throughout the unit to produce Christmas themed pictures.  The week finished with a trip to the theatre to watch the pantomine Sleeping Beauty.

Friday 1st December 2023

The children have worked hard this week, planning and then writing their own information texts about mythical creatures. They had to include the 4 grammar elements from the toolkit created throughout the unit of writing and they produced some good writing. In Ash class the children were sketching a repeated floral design taking inspiration from William Morris wallpaper design; researching Victorian life on the I-pads; saying what rooms they have in their houses in french and lots more. Maths has been all about fractions again, building on their learning and they have been adding and subtracting fractions this week. The children were learning to volley in squash and now that they have learnt all of the strokes they will be playing an inter-class tournament in next weeks lesson.

Thursday 23rd November 2023

The children have worked incredibly hard this week in all areas of the curriculum. English has been innovating an information, writing a new one based on a Minotaur. This is preparation for their independent writing next week. They are still learning fractions in maths moving onto comparing and ordering fractions under 1. In art they have made a printing block out of potato in the shape of a leave, they will then print the leaf next week using paint to create a repeated pattern wall paper.  In history they have been looking at Victorian household items and trying to work out what each one was used for. Year 5 went to Christchurch Museam for a Victorian day. They were able to make butter, do the laundry, deportment classes and much more.

Friday 17th November 2023

Another busy week in year 5 finishing with Children in Need dress up on Friday. The children have been completing short burst writing in English focusing on the different sections they will be writing in their information text and creating a toolkit with grammatical elements to focus on. Maths has been all about improper and mixed fractions, with the children drawing the pictures and then applying their knowledge in the abstract application. In science they have learnt what causes day and night; in RE they have been learning about Islamic artwork and have created their own patterns. They have really enjoyed the squash and basketball lessons in PE.

Friday 10th November 2023

Year 5 have been busy this week. They started the non-fiction T4W unit - their text was 'the ferocious hydra' and we have been innovating the text with a Minotaur. They have produced some amazing pieces of writing about the appearance and habitat of the Minotaur.  In maths they have started a unit on fractions and have been learning equivalent fractions. They have had the laptops out for the computing lessons and used ipads in history to complete some research about the life of a Victorian child and turned that information into a poster. Science was a lesson learning the meaning of 'orbit'. The children constructed 2D models of the Sun and Earth and moon to find out how they orbit one another.

Friday 3rd November 2023

Year 5 has had a busy week starting their new topics for this half term. In history they are learning about 'The Victorians'. In Ash class they were fascinated by the fact that schools were only for the rich and that if you didn't go to school then you would go to work and that was at any age. They created a time line of the key events that happened in the Victorian era.  Science is 'Earth and space' and the children have been finding similarities and differences between the planets. In English they have been refining their skills at writing creative sentences to inspire and engage the reader. They started to learn two new sports - squash and basketball - which they have all enjoyed.


Friday 13th October 2023

This week in year 5 the children have explored pitch, rhythm, tempo, pulse and duration while composing their own piece of music.  They have been innovating the original story and working alongside the teacher writing a new version in preparation for their own independent writing next week. In geography they have been learning about the causes of earthquakes and how to stay safe. The children have learnt about reversible and irreversible changes in science. In art the children have been exploring paint and watercolours, adding white and black to get different variations. We have introduced the Agent of Change which has been very exciting.

Welcome to Year Five!

Friday 6th |October 2023

The children have been busy with their learning. They have been following contrete, pictorial and abstract methods to learn how to use formal methods in addition and subrtraction. They are now at the innovation part of the T4W sequence of lessons, so have planned their own warning narrative. The topic is natural disasters and the children have been learning about volcanoes and earthquakes.

Friday 29th September 2023

Another busy week has finished in year 5.  The children have started their Talk for Writing unit where they are going to be writing a warning story. They have drawn a text map and thought of actions to help them remember the story. In science the children completed an investigation in the separation of igredients using sieves, filter paper, magnets and evaporation. PE was creating balances and improving the way they travel around the apparatus. In PSHE the children were able to discuss human rights and why we have them in a very mature manner.


Friday 22nd September 2023

The children have had another busy week with lots of learning taking place.  They have completed an independent piece of writing in preparation for the Talk For Writing unit to start next week. They have had rugby and gymnastics as PE sessions.  All children have now started their french unit which is all about pets. Ash class have been inspired by the artist Hokusai and his paintings; they have been making block prints out of cardboard and string and printing their pictures. Our topic in geography is Natural disasters and the children have started to learn about volcanoes, tsunamis, floods and their causes; this has led to lots of discussion in relation to our climate and global warming.


Friday 15th September 2023

Well what a busy week we have had; the children have settled into a normal timetable and have started most of their foundation subjects as well as the English and maths that is taugt every day. The children have been learning Place value to 1,000,000 in maths and in English they have focussed on adverbs, adverial phrases and fronted adverbials. In Ash class the children have been sewing their flags ready to be hung around the classroom.  The children have been on a materials hunt for flexible, absorbant, flexible, transparent and hard materials, they went looking both in and outside of the school building. RE they have started to try and answer the big question 'Is believing in God reasonable?' Music has had a focus of pulse and rhythm and the children listeded to the four seasons by Vivaldi to hear and then identify the pulse and rhythm.  PE units are rugby and gymnastics; they had SCS in for rugby and they used the wall bars, ropes, spring board, benches and free standing climbing equipment.

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