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W.B. 24.01.22- This week, as always the children have worked very hard on developing their skills across the curriculum. We are very proud to have a year 5 child win the sport award for the month! For amazing development in P.E. skills, in particular netball. Which is our current focus. The children are having a wonderful time learning about forces, gravity and friction. Conducting weekly experiments! Maths has been a challenge, but the children are rising to the challenge. They are using protractors to measure and create angles within our properties of shape unit. Well done all, another amazing week.

W.B 17.01.22- The children have had an exciting week, learning about the force friction and testing the effect of friction on different surfaces. After the experiment, we discussed the different variables and how to make the test fair! In Music, the children are learning about Jazz! They are using the glockenspiel to create pulse and rhythm. Throughout the week, some of the children have been participating in Bikeability which is a valuable skill - We would like to say a big well done to the children for their behaviour during this time.

Welcome to Year 5

W.B. 10.1.22- This week in year 5, the children have learnt the genre, biographies in English. We have looked at inspiring people who influenced our life's today from the Victorian Era: Charles Dickens, Isambard Kingdom Brunel and Mary Seacole. In Math, the children are looking at decimals, fractions and percentages. Focusing on tenths, hundredths and thousandths. The children are doing amazingly well and breaking this down into expanded decimal forms and expanded fractions. In our history we are looking at the British Empire and the countries involved, understanding the impact that it had on our modern world. The children are enjoy Science, learning the difference between mass and weight, and the influence of gravity.


W.B. 3.01.22- Welcome back! The children have been amazing this week, and had an extremely high level of engagement. We have had a strong focus on math, understanding decimals and percentages. The children displayed amazing confidence showing their work to the class, answering questions and sharing ideas! The children are learning about video output, and are slowly putting together storyboards to record and perform. As a treat, they really enjoyed a lesson on the Samba drums- The children put together some incredible beats!

Welcome to Year Five!

W.B. 13.12.21- In our final week before Christmas year 5 have been working really hard. We hade a fantastic musical display, with Christmas related music. We have been learning about the solar system, and the order of the planets. The children again produced some amazing homework! The children further worked on their awareness, and use of space in P.E. and continued developing their computing skills, designing Christmas vector drawings.

W.B. 6.12.21- This week the children have worked hard learning co-ordinates, position and direction. A student from Cedar class is showing the class how to create shape using co-ordinates. We have introduced "explain it" stickers to ensure the children are able to discuss their learning and justify their selections and answers. In Writing, we have focused on "A Christmas Carol" The children have worked incredibly hard planning and producing a section of the narrative. Working on the use of speech (Inverted commas) and description of settings and characters. We have got in the festive spirit, by reading the song "God rest ye merry, gentlemen" and discussed the literature within it. Furthermore, the children have designed cards for eachother, and elderly people. Whilst doing all of this, the children have continued to up level their vocabulary and update their class "Wonderful world of words" class books. Finally, in art children are creating repeating patterns by William Morris.

W.B. 29.11.21- The children had an amazing time at the PANTO on Thursday! Today (3.12.21) The children wrote independent newspaper reports discussing the show. The children stepped up their fraction work, and are now capable of adding and subtracting fractions following the schools policy of conceptual, pictorial and abstract. Finally, now swimming has finished the children are developing their Hockey skills, week one focused on the push pass.

W.B. 22.11.21- This week in year 5 we have focused on fractions, following the schools policy of concrete, pictorial and abstract. We started on equivalence, and are now progressing to conversion of improper fractions to mixed number (Including the inverse). In English, we entered the amazing world of narratives (Christmas Carol). We are currently looking at the structure of a narrative- as shown in the image below, we placed images around the mountain in the order. Following this, we have focused on vocabulary and high level words. The children are looking at the words from the text, and finding their meanings. As shown in the images, some children had the definition to match to the word, whilst others used dictionaries. Finally, the children enjoyed history, as they used slate to make notes on information on living in a workhouse.

W.B. 15.11.21- This week we have had a strong focus on maths. We have started to look at fractions and used concrete resources to show true understanding. We have progressed onto improper fractions, and turning these into mixed number. We had a lovely end to the week, supporting Children In Need- Raising money and awareness. The children then decided to complete their ICT unit creating images (Vector drawings) In relation to Children In Need.

This week the children have been working really hard developing their poetry skills, looking at features such as personification. They have used formal written methods in math, within the topic multiplication and division (Both long and short). In P.E. the children are enjoying excellent external squash coaching, giving them a diverse sporting curriculum. Finally, in ICT the children focused on vectors to create pictures.

W.B. 2nd November 2021- A new topic awaits! The Victorians. The children are currently enjoying learning about the Victorian Era. We have highlighted key events during this period, and identified where the key dates fit. We have encouraged the children to write descriptively about the surroundings of a cotton mill after looking at some Victorian poetry. We have progressed our learning onto formal written methods, and are focusing on 3 X 1 digit multiplication, although some children have gone above and beyond and are now able to complete 3 digit by 2 digit questions.

W.B. 11th October 2021. This week provided some amazing learning opportunities. We have written empathetically working hard on our description using our 5 senses. We have had a broad selection of home work, to an exceptionally high standard. We have covered addition and subtraction with carrying and exchanging, whilst revising our skills in a cross curricular board game fashion. We have maintained our hard work in our P.E. and Thank coach Ben for his hard work with the children. Finally, spot the year 5? We have had a few students represent the school team! Furthermore, win the tournament and represent the district of Colchester! Well done girls.

W.B. 4 October 2021. The children have continued to enjoy their topic of natural disasters. We have looked at digital art, bringing our art work into a next generation environment. In Math the children have fully focused on different types of number such as prime, composite and factor pairs. They displayed amazing knowledge by sorting a group of numbers out into targeted headings. Finally, the children have made significant progress in their P.E. Coach Ben has been super proud of their commitment and hard work within Rugby.

W.B. 27th September - This week the children raised money for alopecia showing off their crazy hair! The children also stepped up their maths efforts using NRICH problems and applying their knowledge to draw their answers using the bar model. To complete these problems they had to work as a team and use their place value knowledge to find solutions. Our wider learning was directed towards Hinduism , understanding how they celebrate their religion and gods.

W.B. 20th September. This week the children have worked really hard looking at a range of natural disasters, in particular tornados. In Math children are focusing on place value, following a concrete, pictorial and abstract process. Finally, the children used some time to brush up on their scientific knowledge looking at solids liquids and gases.

13th September 2021

What an amazing first week back to school ! The children have settled really well, and enjoyed a variety of different activities focused around Africa.

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