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At Stanway Fiveways, we believe that a well-rounded History curriculum will allow children to have a good knowledge and confident understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. We have carefully designed our History curriculum, so that children gain this knowledge as they progress through the school. In addition to this, we recognise the important role that History plays in preparing our children with skills that they can use for life, raising their aspirations; understand how to be a good and responsible citizen, understanding change to social aspects of life. This gives children a context for their own lives.

We want children to have a broad concept of time - from the Stone Age to modern historical events such as the Second World War and the moon landings. Children should have a good understanding of chronology and be able to make links to the development of people and society. This can be done through establishing links across time periods with the use of Britain and the world timelines.

There are many historical skills which are important for the children to secure. Many of these are transferable to other subjects across the curriculum, as well as being important for everyday life. Historical enquiry is something which should be a key focus in most history lessons. They do this by asking challenging questions, researching the past, comparing time periods and make judgements using evidence from the past. This enables them to become inquisitive historians. Exploring a range of information sources about the past is another important skill which needs to be secured through the teaching of history; this is important for teaching children about the use of bias (in modern society as well as the past), prejudice and fact.

Our curriculum provides children with opportunities to ask perceptive questions, think critically, weigh evidence, sift arguments, and develop perspective and judgement. To do this, we ensure that our children are provided with a variety of sources to evaluate and build up a better picture of the past. We believe that teaching History in this way is important in broadening children's horizons, challenging preconceived ideas and developing life skills in order to prepare them for high school and beyond.

In most cases, a quality text is used to engage the children and work as a basis for all historical teaching. We are also striving to encourage children to empathise or show their understanding of their historical topic through writing. This may be a diary entry, newspaper report or even a non-chronological report related to the time period they are

studying. This gives children an opportunity to develop their language as well as their understanding.

Across our whole school, the curriculum content has been designed with these five key drivers being embedded throughout our History Topics:

  • Diversity
  • Curiosity
  • The Environment
  • Community (Our role within the wider world)
  • Aspirations

Through our History curriculum, we strive to inspire pupils’ curiosity about the past. Our History curriculum ensures that all children are able to access the historical learning and acquire new skills. We endeavour to resource and support the children with their historical understanding and skills. Within our topics, teachers also organise appropriate trips as well as visitors to the school; this helps to inspire the children and help them feel fully immersed in the historical era which they are studying.

To see our History Curriculum Progression Document and Vocabulary Ladder please see below.

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