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Summer 2

The term started off with a Science week where we enjoyed all different sorts of activities including pond dipping and making raisins dance!  During this last half term we have been asking the children what they would like to learn about and then developing these ideas further. This has led to lots of fun themes such as dinosaurs, pets, pirates and under the sea. We have enjoyed using the adventure playground during our PE sessions and have also been getting ready for our transition to Year 1.

Summer 1

This half term the theme has been nature. During the first week of term, we learnt all about plants and what they need to grow. We planted some bean seeds that we took home, as well as some strawberries and flowers in our outside area. We then went on to focus on minibeasts – snails, ladybirds and butterflies. We were lucky enough to actually watch the lifecycle of a butterfly happen in our classroom, we were so excited to see caterpillars turn into cocoons and then hatch out into butterflies.

Spring 2

This half term the theme is Superheroes. During the first part of the term our learning is based on some books about superheroes – Supertato, Super Spud and The Three Little Superpigs. The children take part in superhero challenges and learn about being healthy during this topic. We then move on to focus on people who help us such as firefighters and nurses.

The children will also learn about Easter.

Spring 1

During this half term the overview is Winter where we will focus on different books.  These books will include The Gruffalo, The Gruffalo’s Child and Stickman.  The children will also look at Chinese New Year and how this is celebrated.  The Winter theme will end with looking at Artic Explorers.


Autumn 1(1)

Autumn 2

Autumn 2(3)

Autumn 1

At the start of the children’s learning journey they had an overview of colour and Autumn, during this half term we focussed on different books which included Elmer, Rainbow Fish and The Day the Crayons Quit.  The children had opportunities to write letters as a crayon and made a rainbow fruit snack.  The children had the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors as part of an Autumn walk.


Spring 1
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