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Welcome to Year 2

WB 20/6/2022

In maths the children have been learning to measure lengths and heights, as well as comparing and ordering different measurements.

This week in Science, the children planted cress seeds in four different growing conditions to find out the things that plants need to grow healthy.

The theme for Art this term is Poetry and this week the children have been using clay modelling techniques to create a sculpture.

In RE, the children learnt about the Good Samaritan story from the Bible and acted it out to tell the story.

We have also been exploring homophones and how to use ‘too' and 'two’ correctly in sentences.

The children showed great interest in their Jubilee books and couldn’t wait to start reading.

WB 13.06.22

This week had been another great one. The children enjoyed sports day which you can have a look on the newsletter.

We have been learning to tell the time on an analogue clock.

In English, the children have been learning about explanation text and looking at how to look after an African Land Snail. They were so lucky to have Elmo, a giant African Land Snail visiting each of the classes. The children were so excited to see a real giant African Land Snail and some were brave enough to hold it in their hands.

We have been exploring homophones and how to use there, their and they’re correctly in sentences.

WB 6.6.22

Year 2 had a great first week back at school and our topic for this final term is ‘There’s No Place Like Home’.

This week the children joined the whole school to celebrate the ‘Queen’s Platinum Jubilee’. They enjoyed various activities that took place throughout the day.

The children had cake and we took a whole school photo which you can have a look on the newsletter.


WB 23/5/22

The final week of the half term has been a very busy one in Year 2.

In maths this week the children have been learning about different types of graph. On Monday they took their learning outside and completed tally charts to show the number of animals they found. They have also learnt how to draw pictograms where a symbol stands for more than one. After collecting information about how children travelled to school, they presented this information as a pictogram.

In art this term the children have been learning various collage techniques. This week they used all of these skills to produce a picture of a plate of food. The results were fantastic!

During this half term’s PE sessions the children have been learning how to play tennis. They have learnt a range of skills and have been practising with a partner to try and have a successful rally.

Finally we were very lucky to have the Reverend Tony come to visit this week. The children enjoyed asking lots of interesting questions to find out about the job of a Reverend and what happens in church on a Sunday.

WB 16.5.22

This week, after developing their baking skills and designing their recipes, all of the Y2 children baked scones which they took home to enjoy with their families. So far all the feedback we have received has been very positive, we have some great bakers in Y2!

In PE this week. Willow class were developing their jumping and landing skills in gymnastics. Sycamore class enjoyed a music lesson where they used body percussion sounds to create a short piece of music in groups.

WB 9.5.22

On Monday, Year 2 had an amazing time at Barleyland’s Farm. The children made a rainbow salad using produce grown on the farm. They had a tractor ride and were able to feed many of the animals. It was a great time of year to go as we were lucky enough to see lambs, kittens and kids.

In English this week the children wrote a recount about their trip incorporating all the features of a recount that they have been learning about. The teachers were really pleased to see the use of conjunctions, exclamation marks and time language in the children’s work.

WB 2.5.22

This week in maths we have continued with our learning about shape but have switched the focus to the properties of 3D shapes. Willow class really enjoyed consolidating their learning by working with a partner to make different 3D shapes using straws and tape.

In Science this week the children got the chance to go outside and enjoy the warmer weather with a wildflower hunt in our lovely school grounds. A whole range of flowers were spotted by Sycamore class including buttercups, cow parsley and bluebells.

Finally in art this term the children are learning the techniques of collage. Rowan class used the I-pads to collect ideas and design how they would like their final pieces of work to look.

WB 25.4.22

This week in English Y2 have been writing descriptions of a farm setting. They have written expanded noun phrases and used fantastic adjectives within these descriptions.

In maths the children are learning all about shape. This week they have focussed on 2D shapes and their properties. They have learnt the names of some 2D shapes and explored how many edges and vertices they have. They have also enjoyed learning about vertical lines of symmetry and identifying these on different shapes.

The art theme for this term is collage and so this week the children have been exploring different materials and the effects they can make using different techniques such as scrunching and layering.

WB 18.4.22

Y2 have had a great first week back at school beginning this term’s topic ‘From Farm to Fork’.

In Science this term the children will be learning all about plants. This week the classes have all planted bean seeds and placed them in different parts of their classrooms to see which ones grow best.

In DT all the children will be baking scones. This week Rowan class tasted some shop bought scones as well as some different types of dried fruits to find out which tastes they liked and wanted to use in their own baking.

Sycamore class spent their indoor PE session creating balances on different parts of their bodies. They have shown great flexibility and body strength.

Finally Willow class started their computing using ScratchJr on the iPad to learn some basic programming skills. The children really enjoyed exploring the app and finding out what it could do.

WB 28.3.22

This week has been full of fun learning activities in Year 2. All three classes have been developing their sewing skills in DT and with lots of perseverance managed to conquer running stitch successfully!

Our computing lessons this week focussed on programming. The children enjoyed giving the robots instructions to move around a map. Lots of problem solving went on and the children worked really hard as a team to find solutions.

The children have also completed their learning about writing a fantasy story this week and all produced a beautifully presented pop-up book containing their own version of the Moon Dragons story.

Finally in maths this week the children continued their learning about money and enjoyed an outdoor learning session answering money questions to successfully crack the code.

WB 21.3.22

This week in Maths the children have begun learning about money. They have been doing lots of practical activities to familiarise themselves with the coins and using them to make different amounts.

In Science the children have been learning about germs, how they are spread and the importance of hand hygiene to stop this spread.

Finally in RE this week, the learning has been about the Easter story with the children acting out the story in groups.

WB 14/3/22

What a busy week this has been! We have had two special days in school this week, a funky sock day in support of the young carers and a superhero day for Comic Relief. As well as this we have also had an art week with lots of fun activities to take part in during the afternoons. The children have helped to paint space themed ceiling tiles to go along the corridor leading out to the playground. They have also contributed to a whole school bottle top picture.

As well as this we have been finishing off our learning about fractions in maths and completing a longer piece of writing in English, retelling the beginning of The Moon Dragons story in their own words.

WB 7/3/22

As the sun begins to show itself this week, year 2 have been doing lots more fun activities.

This week, year 2 have been practising their fluency and expression in their reading lessons. Some children who were brave enough read to the whole class, showing off how well they can read!

We have also continued learning hockey with our SCS coach coming in to teach them the skills they need to play the game. The children are thoroughly enjoying this.

Fractions has continued to be out topic in maths with the year 2 pupils exploring quarters this week. They started the week with using counters to make groups and ended the week with solving fraction problems independently!

For PSHE, they have also looked at what it means to keep healthy and this week they learnt the importance of oral hygiene and wrote a set of instructions on how to brush your teeth.

WB 28/2/22

This week year 2 have squeezed in lots of fun activities!

In RE, we have been looking at Judaism and soon they are celebrating their festival of Purim. In recognition of this, the year 2 pupils have taken part in making their own things to celebrate Purim with. They have made shakers (Gregors) out of plastic bottles, rice, pasta and glitter, they have designed a fancy dress costume that they would wear to a Purim festival and they have made Hamantashen (jam filled pastry) which they thoroughly enjoyed tasting!

This week we have also celebrated World Book Day by having a day off timetable and completing lots of activities to celebrate our love of books! This included quizzes, book reviews, drawing activities, quiet reading and designing our very own book covers for our favourite stories.

WB 21/2/22

This week we have welcomed the children back with lots of engaging activities!

Year 2 are very lucky this half term as they have an SCS coach teaching them their hockey topic for indoor PE. For science, we have been looking at animals and their young and then went on to explore life cycles of frogs and butterflies. The children found this very interesting!

This week, an author named Natalie Newman also came in to visit the children and read them her story, Lark the Shark. What a busy week!

WB 7/2/22

The final week of Spring 1 has definitely been another busy one! The children have done lots more learning and after all of their hard work, they are ready for the half term holiday to give their brains a well-deserved rest!

This week the children have done more homework sharing and it has been fantastic. They had the opportunity to look at each other’s homework and ask questions about what inspired them and how their pieces were created.

They have also taken part in more art lessons this week, continuing with the theme of the artist Henri Rousseau. They created jungle themed pictures using paint and mixing the colour green with black and white to make darker and lighter shades.


WB 31/1/22

This week, the children have been very busy with lots more learning crammed in! With only one more week to go until half term, the children have been as busy as ever.

Willow class have been practising their division skills using grouping to solve some division problems.

Sycamore have been doing role plays in PSHE to show how to be kind to people when we see that others are being unkind.

Rowan have been sharing lots of their lovely homework which they should be very proud of!

WB 24.1.22

Another busy week in year 2.

This week in Maths we have begun to learn all about division. We have used practical resources and pictures to help us find the answers by sharing into equal groups,

In English we have been learning about non-chronological reports. This week we have learnt to recognise the features such as subtitles, facts and the introduction. We then used ipads, a factfile and short video clips to research information about polar bears. The children learnt how to put key words onto a spider diagram which they will be using to write their own non-chronological report soon.

Sycamore class also enjoyed using a website called Chrome Music Lab to create a short piece of music.

WB 17/1/22

This week has been another jam packed week in year 2. The children have done more PE sessions, with Sycamore exploring Spanish dancing and learning more catching and throwing skills in netball. Sycamore have also had more art lessons, learning what primary and secondary colours are and what colours we can make when we mix primary colours. To extend this, they looked at what happens to the colours they have made when white and black is added. Willow class have been composing rhythms in computing, on an app on the Ipads and Rowan class have been sharing their special books in their RE lesson and then acting them out!

WB 10/1/2022

This week, year 2 have been learning more about instructions and practising being able to follow them by making different things in class. They have learned how to make a paper plate turtle and an elephant out of milk bottles. How exciting! They also started their netball topic for outdoor PE, practising how to pass the ball correctly and then moving onto how to do a chest pass safely.

Start of 2022 - W/B 3/1/22

2022 is finally here and the children have settled back into school beautifully after their long Christmas break! There is now a third year 2 class called Rowan class and the children in there have been getting used to each other and their new, huge classroom! They have had fun looking at continents and oceans of the world in their geography lesson this week. Year 2 have also started their instructions topic in English this week and as you can see, Sycamore and willow have been arranging their instructions into the correct order. We have also introduced Rekenreks into all three classrooms and the children have loved becoming familiar with them.

WB 13/12/21

The final week of term has finally arrived and Y2 has been a buzz of activity. We have published the final part of our Peter Rabbit stories and completed a subtraction quiz to finish off this part of our maths learning.

In Willow class we designed and made a garden for Mr Mcgregor in DT. The final products were amazing. Mr Squirrel and Mr Bailey came to have a look and were very impressed by how creative the children had been.

This week was also an opportunity for the children to share the work they had been completing at home. Once again some fantastic work was brought in and we are very grateful to the parents for their support with this.

WB 6.12.21

This week it was Sycamore’s turn to make Sukkah photo frames during their RE lesson. They worked really hard to make their frames and were very proud of the results.

The Willow class children have been learning about tally charts and pictograms in their computing lessons this term. This week they used a computer program to create a pictogram to show the data that they had collected.

This week we also had our Christmas jumper day and Christmas dinner. While they were waiting to collect their dinner, they all enjoyed reading and sharing the Christmas themed jokes. They then enjoyed a delicious roast dinner along with a really tasty cake for dessert.

WB 29.11.21

This week Christmas has really started in Y2. On Monday morning all the children were treated to a performance of a show called Scroogical, they all really enjoyed this and joined in enthusiastically with the singing and dancing.

Our guided reading this week has involved us reading a set of instructions for how to make an advent wreath. The children learnt all about advent and how it is celebrated by Christians. They then worked with a partner to follow the instructions and create their own advent wreath with some fantastic results.

In Maths this week we have been continuing to learn how to subtract. We have been working really hard to find the answers to subtraction number sentences which involve exchanging, a very tricky concept. We have used the base 10 resources to support our working out and find the correct answer.

WB 22.11.21

Even though this was only a four day week Y2 have managed to cram in lots of learning.

In maths we are currently learning how to subtract and all the children are now able to subtract a 2-digit number from a 2-digit number using resources to help them if needed. In English we are continuing to write our Beatrix Potter stories, we are now at the dilemma part of the story mountain, next the children will be planning their own endings for The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

Sycamore class really enjoyed their forest school session this week, with lots of tree climbing, mud painting and other activities taking place.

In RE this week, Willow class learnt about the Jewish festival of Sukkot. They then created Sukkah shelter photo frames using a family photo.

Well done for another great week of learning Y2.

WB 15.11.21

Today it was lovely to see all the children in Year 2 supporting Children in Need by coming to school wearing pyjamas, this was a lovely way to round off a busy week of learning.

In History this week Willow class learnt about the kinds of toys that Victorian children would have played with. They really enjoyed exploring the examples that we had in school for them to see. A few children were able to catch the ball in the cup successfully!

In Sycamore class the children had to read and follow instructions to make an advent wreath. They worked successfully with their partners showing fantastic team work. The wreaths looked great, well done.

WB 8.11.21

This week Y2 were very excited about their first forest school sessions. Everyone in Willow and Sycamore class really enjoyed learning outside and took full advantage of all the activities that were available to them. The Willow class children climbed trees, made swings and dens, created their own ‘fire circle’ and came up with some very imaginative games. In Sycamore class they also built dens and hammocks, climbed trees and were keen to search for bugs in the forest school area. Everyone is really looking forward to their next sessions.

WB 1/11/21

The children have had a great first week back starting their new topic The World of Beatrix Potter. In Science this term we are continuing with our learning about materials and their properties. Sycamore carried out an investigation this week to find the best material to use to build a shelter to protect the teddies in EYFS. In English this term the children will be writing an alternative ending for the story of Peter Rabbit. This week we begun this process in Willow class by reading the story of Peter Rabbit, ordering pictures of the main events in the story and then using this to retell the story with a partner. Well done Year 2, a fantastic start to this half term!

Wb 18/10/21

It’s the final week of the term and the children are still working as hard as ever! This week, our homework was due in and it was amazing to see all of the fantastic things the children have been doing at home. The children in Willow class done a ‘gallery’ activity and had a chance to look at everyone else’s homework. Ms Northfield and Ms Linton will be creating a display in one of the communal areas with as much of these beautiful pieces as they can fit! In Sycamore class, the children have done DT this week, creati8ng their houses from Pudding Lane in 1666. They have used cereal boxes, lolly sticks, straw, paint and glue and have done a fantastic job. Well done Sycamore!

Great Fire of London day - 13/10/2021

This week, year 2 were lucky enough to experience what it was like in 1666 when the Great Fire of London happened! The fantastic History Off the Page provided them with an amazing experience for a whole day. The children got to listen to stories of what it was like in London when the Great Fire of London happened. They got to explore what the shops would have been like and the kinds of things that would have been sold/made in the shops. They also got to explore artefacts, look at the different items that were used in them days for different jobs and look at different diary entries that had been found since the fire. Overall, it was a very enjoyable day and the children looked fantastic in their outfits. Well done year 2!

Wb 4/10/2021

It’s been another busy week in year 2! This week the pupils have been learning a new hip-hop dance in indoor PE. They looked at the steps individually and then had time to practise the sequence at the end. They tried really hard and thoroughly enjoyed it! We have also started our addition topic in maths this week. The children have started by looking at 2-digit add 1-digit numbers and using the concrete materials (base ten) to add the two numbers together.

Wb 27/9/2021

This week has been another fun week in year 2. Willow class have been exploring the town of Colchester in the RE lessons. They have been creating their own maps and talking about the places they like visiting the most. In Sycamore, for PSHE, they have been looking at how to work as a team successfully by playing games that rely on the participation of all members involved. Safe to say it took some practise but was enjoyed by all!

Our learning - Wb 20/9/2021

This week, year 2 have been getting stuck into their learning. Willow class are lucky enough to be having art lessons delivered by Miss Fisher and have been learning lots of new things. This week they used blue and yellow to mix different shades of green, exploring how different amounts of each colour will change the end result. In Sycamore, children were learning more about the past in their history lessons. This week pupil’s looked at timelines and how they show events that happened in the past. They also had a look at what ‘plague doctors’ used to wear to protect themselves! I’m not sure the children would want their doctors dressed like that now!

Great Fire of London programme - Wb 13/9/2021

This week the children were lucky enough to have someone from the fire service come in and teach them all about fire safety and the Great Fire of London to support with our history topic this half term. They were shown pictures and some real life equipment. The pupils found it very interesting and their recall of facts about the Great Fire of London afterwards was fantastic. Why not ask your children some questions?

Welcome back! Wb 6/9/2021

This week all of the year 2 pupils have settled in fabulously into their new classrooms. They’ve been learning their new routines and what life is going to be like in year 2 going forward. This week has been jam packed with maths and English and also lots of learning about the continent North America. Please encourage your children to share any information they’ve learned with you! This week we also had our ‘inflatables day’ which was postponed from the end of last year. They all thoroughly enjoyed it. See below for some photos of how this week has gone for the year 2 pupils.

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