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Welcome to Year Two!

WB 21.11.22

This week in Maths, Y2 have been learning how to answer subtraction questions that involve exchanging. They worked with coaching partners using practical resources and by the end of the week had developed confidence with this very tricky concept.

In History, the children have been finding out what it was like for children in Victorian times using pictures and information texts.

In Computing, the children used a program on the I-Pads to present data as a pictogram.

Finally the highlight of the week for Willow class was making smores during their Forest School session, they also enjoyed being creative with clay and other natural materials to make forest creatures.

WB 14.11.22

We have had another very busy week in Y2 with lots of exciting learning going on.

In English, the children were learning how to write amazing character descriptions using a variety of language features such as possessive apostrophes, expanded noun phases and similes.

In Maths, the children have begun their unit on subtraction and have been using base 10 and number lines to help them to find the answers to subtraction number sentences. They also completed a puzzle challenge to demonstrate their understanding so far.

In RE, the children have been learning about advent and enjoyed making advent candle wreaths. In History, the children have been exploring Victorian toys and making comparisons with the kind of toys they play with today. In Art this week, the children made repeating patterns using the sponge templates they designed previously.

WB 7.11.22

This week in Y2 we have completed our addition unit in maths. The children have been learning how to add any two 2-digit numbers and this week it involved exchanging, a tricky step, but one which the children successfully conquered using concrete resources such as base 10 and pictorial methods.

In DT this week the children began to develop their skills by undertaking focussed practical tasks. They worked with a partner to construct a net, measured accurately and used saws to cut an axle.

In PE the children were balancing on different parts of their bodies both large and small.

Finally in Forest School the children enjoyed a variety of activities including climbing trees, getting creative with conkers and ‘cooking’ in the mud kitchen.

Week beginning 31.10.22

The children have made an excellent start to the new half term and have enjoyed beginning their learning related to our Queen Victoria topic.

In English the children have begun their story writing unit and have enjoyed creating a story map and actions to help them remember the Tale of Peter Rabbit.

In Maths we are continuing our learning about addition and by the end of the week the majority of the children were able to add two 2-digit numbers together.

This week in Rowan class the children have used a data handling program on the I-pads to create pictograms. Sycamore class enjoyed exploring printing using sponges. In Willow class the children began their DT project to design a moving toy for a Victorian child by evaluating existing toys and thinking about the materials used and how their parts moved.

The most exciting part of the week by far was the start of Forest School. All the children loved being outside and enjoyed exploring the outside area and all the activities available to them. They are all thoroughly looking forward to next week’s session.

WB 17.10.22

In English this week, the year 2 pupils have been editing their Great Fire of London diary entries that they have written. They have designed their own diaries and then finally copied out their fabulous final pieces into their diaries using a ‘quill’ like they did in 1666. They thoroughly enjoyed this and were very proud of their work. We also got to see their amazing Great Fire of London themed homework this week. It was clear the children put lots of effort in and had a great time sharing what they had done.

For art this week, year 2 have been practising drawing wooden houses with charcoal and using different smudging techniques. They also moved onto using oil pastels and creating a picture of fire using the techniques they have learned. Their final pieces looked brilliant, well done year 2!

In maths, we have continued with our adding topic and have practised adding 2-digit and 1-digit numbers together which they are doing particularly well with. Overall, a fantastic way to end the half term. See you in November!

WB 10.10.22

This week was the week where year 2 got to explore what life was like in 1666 at the fantastic Great Fire of London day. History off the Page came in to set up our hall into shops that would’ve been on the streets of London during that time. Throughout the day, he told us the story of the Great Fire of London and made us feel as though we were experiencing it by pretending the fire was getting closer and closer. The children had a fantastic time and learnt so much about the Great Fire of London and what London was like in the past. Why not take your children to London during the half term to see what it is like now? Thank you to all of the parent helpers for making it such a fab day too.

In maths this week the children have begun our adding topic by exploring their number bonds to 10 and 100. In English, they have written a recount all about their time at the Great Fire of London day and then wrote a diary entry as if they were alive during 1666. We have continued tag rugby for outdoor PE and explored a pirate’s diary in our whole class reading topic.

WB 3.10.22

This week has been a very exciting week for our year 2 children. They have enjoyed lots of outdoor learning for English, maths and science this week.

Paired reading has begun which means the children get the opportunity once a week to pair up with someone from another class/year group and read together. The children have thoroughly enjoyed this and it was a pleasure to see them enjoying reading so much.

In English, we have been preparing the pupils for diary writing as someone who was alive during the Great Fire of London. For inspiration, this week we went to the Forest School area to light an actual fire so the children could describe it using their 5 senses. In science, the pupils have been exploring different objects and categorising them by their properties.

In maths the children have been learning how to use symbols to compare numbers. This was a very practical lesson which the children thoroughly enjoyed. They have also been learning how to order numbers from smallest to biggest and place them on the number line. Overall, a very busy week for year 2 with lots of fun learning involved!

WB 26.9.22

Can you believe we’ve already completed our fourth week of the school year? Time really does fly when you’re having fun.

This week pupils have continued to progress with their learning. In maths, they have been learning about different ways to partition 2-digit numbers and how to place number on a number line. In English, they have been learning how to write in past and present tense and how to use time conjunctions to order their writing.

Tag rugby has continued in outdoor PE. The children are thoroughly enjoying learning how to play this game! The children have also had the opportunity to practise their spellings with their friends within the classroom by playing games which was great fun!

In history, the children used the iPads to visit the https://www.fireoflondon.org.uk/game/ website to explore the events of the Great Fire of London. It is a great interactive tool so why not explore this with your children at home too!


WB 19.9.22

Considering this week has only been a 4-day week, the children have still managed to fit a lot in. This week, In English, the children have been exploring the structure of sentences and how to write the words in the correct order and use capital letters and full stops in the correct places. They have done an amazing job at this and we are looking forward to reading some of their own sentences in the upcoming weeks.

In maths, we have been exploring how to partition 2-digit numbers and understanding the value of each digit in a number. Their understanding of this is improving and will support them greatly in our maths topics throughout the year.

In RE, they have been exploring how light is important for different religions, focusing on Christianity this week. They looked at the Christmas Story. In computing we have been looking at different types of information technology and what each is used for and in science we have been exploring the properties of different materials. Why not ask your children what materials your household items are made of and see if they can describe their properties using some scientific vocabulary?

WB 12.9.22

This week, the year 2 pupils have been working incredibly hard. They have begun their topics for the Autumn term and have been getting used to what school life will be like during their time in year 2.

In maths, they have begun exploring 2-digit numbers and understanding the value of each digit. They have shown how confident they are at representing these numbers using different equipment. The year 2 teachers have been very impressed!

In English, the pupils have had time to explore different word classes, such as nouns, adjectives and verbs and have been using these words in different sentences. For our materials topic in science, the pupils were able to explore the room and group objects based on the materials they were made of. They thoroughly enjoyed this and demonstrated how keen they were to share their knowledge of materials. Overall, an exciting but tiring week. Keep up the good work year 2.

WB 5.9.22

In a week where we were presented with some awful news, the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, the children have been more positive than ever. The majority came back to school with smiles on their faces and have had a fantastic time in their classes. It has been a pleasure getting to know your children this week.

Throughout the week, the children have been learning about North America. They have explored the different parts, some animals and have had a go at making some bridges replicating some found in North America. The technique they used to roll the paper is a fundamental art skill in year 2 and they did extremely well.

This week the pupils have also been given their logins to access their online learning from home and have been given time in class to explore the websites. They thoroughly enjoyed this and we hope they will continue to use them throughout the year!

Some classes have also set aside time for creating some art work for their book corners. Sycamore class are having a BFG themed book corner and have been making dreamcatchers for it.

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