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Welcome to Year 2

Wb 4/10/2021

It’s been another busy week in year 2! This week the pupils have been learning a new hip-hop dance in indoor PE. They looked at the steps individually and then had time to practise the sequence at the end. They tried really hard and thoroughly enjoyed it! We have also started our addition topic in maths this week. The children have started by looking at 2-digit add 1-digit numbers and using the concrete materials (base ten) to add the two numbers together.

Wb 27/9/2021

This week has been another fun week in year 2. Willow class have been exploring the town of Colchester in the RE lessons. They have been creating their own maps and talking about the places they like visiting the most. In Sycamore, for PSHE, they have been looking at how to work as a team successfully by playing games that rely on the participation of all members involved. Safe to say it took some practise but was enjoyed by all!

Our learning - Wb 20/9/2021

This week, year 2 have been getting stuck into their learning. Willow class are lucky enough to be having art lessons delivered by Miss Fisher and have been learning lots of new things. This week they used blue and yellow to mix different shades of green, exploring how different amounts of each colour will change the end result. In Sycamore, children were learning more about the past in their history lessons. This week pupil’s looked at timelines and how they show events that happened in the past. They also had a look at what ‘plague doctors’ used to wear to protect themselves! I’m not sure the children would want their doctors dressed like that now!

Great Fire of London programme - Wb 13/9/2021

This week the children were lucky enough to have someone from the fire service come in and teach them all about fire safety and the Great Fire of London to support with our history topic this half term. They were shown pictures and some real life equipment. The pupils found it very interesting and their recall of facts about the Great Fire of London afterwards was fantastic. Why not ask your children some questions?

Welcome back! Wb 6/9/2021

This week all of the year 2 pupils have settled in fabulously into their new classrooms. They’ve been learning their new routines and what life is going to be like in year 2 going forward. This week has been jam packed with maths and English and also lots of learning about the continent North America. Please encourage your children to share any information they’ve learned with you! This week we also had our ‘inflatables day’ which was postponed from the end of last year. They all thoroughly enjoyed it. See below for some photos of how this week has gone for the year 2 pupils.

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