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Welcome to Year 2

In Year Two classes: Sycamore and Willow.

The adults that work in Year 2: Miss Woodrow & Miss Linton, Miss Starnes, Mrs Gibson and Miss Souter

Autumn Term

During the first half term, the children learnt about the events leading up to the fire. They used a variety of sources to find out about what happened. Once they had learnt about the fire, they used this to create a piece of writing describing the events in the order that they happened. Afterwards, they looked at different historical artefacts and described how this helped them to know that the fire really happened.

History Off the Page came into school for a special themed day. All the children dressed up in a costume a took part in a variety of immersive activities. It was a fabulous day and the children really enjoyed it.

In English lessons this half term, the children learnt about diaries and the features of a diary. They then pretended they were alive at the time of the fire and wrote diaries to talk about their experiences.


The children have learnt about Queen Victoria’s life and used different sources to research questions they wanted to find out. The children used secondary sources to find out about what life was like for children in Victorian times and how different this was from their lives today.

In English, the children read ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’ and created their own alternative ending to the story. We looked closely at the words used in the text and developed our understanding of some of the old-fashioned language.

In Mathematics, the children have been learning about addition and subtraction using the Concrete – Pictorial – Abstract (CPA) approach to develop their understanding of the process and what happens to numbers when adding or subtracting.


Summer Term

Next term, our topics will focus on our local area and map reading skills.  The children will learn about the artist Renee Magritte and create their own art in his style.   

We will also be going on a trip to learn about where our food comes from. 

Spring Term

At the start of 2019, we started our new topic called ‘The World of Beatrix Potter’.  We have enjoyed learning about the lives of Beatrix Potter and Queen Victoria and why they are significant people in British history. 

In Design and Technology, the children designed and created their own gardens.  They needed to join different structures together using methods of their choice.  Once finished, they evaluated them against their design criteria. 

As part of our PSHE lessons, the children learnt about Austin’s butterfly to help them develop their resilience.  They paired up in the classroom and gave each other feedback to help them improve. 

After February half term, we learnt about the Victorian time period.  The children compared their lives to the lives of Victorian children.  They were very surprised to learn that children were expected to work and didn’t go to school!  The children played with Victorian toys to see how similar (or different) they are! 

For World Book Day, the children took part in a ‘Book Swap’ and enjoyed sharing a variety of texts with their peers. 

In English, we created explanation texts and our own versions of Beatrix Potter’s famous story, ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’.  Within mathematics, they developed our understanding of multiplication and division.  As part of this, we learnt our 2, 5 and 10 x tables and corresponding division facts. 


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