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Parents Forum Minutes 2019-2020

Minutes of Parents Forum Tuesday 19th November 2019



Jackie Irwin (JI)                  Jeremy Hagon (JH) – Chair          Hannah Watt (HW)

Lauren Lockwood (LL)     Amanda Preston Flack (APF)      Kay Corris (KC)

Natalie James (NJ)           

Apologies for absence

Kerry Cattano Heard has left the school and Elouise Aitchison has offered to become the year 3 representative.

NJ was welcomed to the parent forum; she is replacing Sarah Flatman, year 1 representative who has stepped down.

Apologies received from CC, she is not able to attend on a Tuesday as the day has changed from Thursday.

JH was unanimously voted as the new chair.

Actions from the previous meeting

The drop box has now been placed outside the office as suggested in the previous meeting. A photo of the drop box and a reminder is in this week’s newsletter and a sign stating this is where the reply slips go has been added to the box. Plus all future letters will state that reply slips to be returned to the drop box.

Uniform suppliers have been invited in to this meeting.

Parents were invited in at the end of half term to celebrate children’s homework, and this will continue each half term. KC suggested that it could also be on display at parents evening as not all parents could attend the celebration afternoon.

The school has registered with Fairshare for food bank items direct from supermarkets and suggestions of items were put on the newsletter.

Uniform shop – We need to encourage more people to use this facility, it was suggested that it should be advertised on Facebook when it is used and that a photo could be taken and promoted again on weekly newsletter.

Uniform suppliers

A discussion about the uniform took place and a request to be put forward to the Uniform suppliers to donate to the uniform swap.

Presentations by the following Uniform Suppliers then took place: Schoolwear Plus, Anglia Sports & Schoolwear, My Clothing, Your School Uniform and Smartypants.    

Please see attached spreadsheet to compare the top three companies; the parent forum would make the decision from there.

Other items

A discussion on Fit bits took place, JI to ask Consortium Headteachers what their view is.

 LL fed back re the photos, two lots of photos were taken, and JI told parents that she had personally spoken to the second photographers re the training of the first photographers. The second photos were no better, we need to check how long we are tied in? Van Cols offered two photos to choose the best one.  Van Cols are keen to take our photos again.

APF asked if DWS was back, APF said that there were unhappy murmurings about SEN; DWS should be back on Thursday.

JI said that our Educational Adviser was coming in in December and would have an SEN focus for the review.

Mark Allen is the new parent governor and he is very interested in SEN.

JI said that there are many good things going on in school, however SEN needs a focus even though it is not on the School Improvement Plan.

LL asked about Rainbow Club, the forum were told that only the children with the need could attend Rainbow Club. JI spoke about how Rainbow Club worked.

KC advised that she had received another couple of comments re the homework costing too much, APF suggested that they should choose a different homework. LL felt that this would tale off.

JI spoke about STEM, and how she felt that this could be introduced and would help to create a better curriculum.

JI said that she would be inviting parents in to talk to children about their job.

The 11th December is the Grand Opening of the Library; Kes Gray a local author will come in and will be working with the children for the rest of the day.

JH mentioned the locality budget needs to be spent by April; this could be used for Astro turf and PE mats, office to produce a quote to send to Fiona Mclean.

Meeting closed at 12 pm

Next Meeting Tuesday 21st January 2020, 9.00 am.










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