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Parents Forum Minutes 2019-2020

Minutes of Parents Forum Tuesday 19th September 2019



Jackie Irwin (JI)– Head teacher

Claire Sainsbury (CS) Office, Note taker

Amanda Preston-Flack (AP)  Year 1

Kay Corris (KC)Year 3 & Year 5

Kaylee Cattano Heard (KCH) – Year 3 & 4

Jeremy Hagon (JH) Year 4

Hannah Watts (HW)– Year 5

Lauren Lockwood (LL) - Early Years

Apologies for absence

Sophie McFall (SM)– Year 1 & Year 5

Sarah Flatman (SF) Year 1

Claire Cardy (CC) Year 2 & 5

JI opened the meeting and thanked everyone for attending. She showed parents photos for the designs to finish off the library/reception area, creating a welcoming environment for everyone.

JI invited SP to talk to parents about her work on ECO Schools, she talked the parents through the process telling parents that ECO Schools should be run by the children. She explained that children would be re-elected this year to the ECO Council, the children have lots of ideas and want lots more bins in order to recycle as much as possible.

She asked parents for any suggestions in order to get the new ideas off the ground. LL suggested a  bin for outside to allow parents to donate crisp packets, CS explained issues with collecting outside, insects and grubs etc, it was agreed to keep the bins that we have at the moment and get an bin up and running in the reception area to collect crisp bags from home.

LL suggested reminders on the newsletter, JH suggested an update once per month. SP said that there would be a section on the school website. All agreed that this was all positive for the school.

KCH took over to chair the meeting

Apologies received from Sarah Flatman and Claire Cardy

Minutes of the previous meeting

New Photographer, Braiswick Photographic were appointed. Parents were asked to choose the background colour for photos and the style for the year 6 photo, this information will be fed back to the office.

Parents suggested the drop box was placed outside the building in order to make it easier for parents to make comments without bothering the office. Newsletter to include the new location and remind parents to use it for comments as well as payments. Site manager to move the drop box.

Uniform suppliers to be invited in to school to the next Parent Forum to discuss alternatives. Any parents with ideas to feed to members of the Parent Forum, or via the drop box.

End of year reports to be discussed in Spring.

End of year productions, JI had spoken to the staff about this issue, class assemblies have been cancelled as they impact on class learning time with children practicing on the assemblies.

As the homework has now changed, JI has suggested that at the end of half term parents are invited in to celebrate the children’s homework.

Christmas productions – EYFS will perform to parents, Year 1 possibly perform a Carol Service, Year 2 now have a graduation ceremony at the end of year 2. Year 3 & 4 have not taken part in Christmas Productions in the past. Year 5 possibly may do something and  Year 6 will continue with their end of school performance.  JI is still considering all of this and will communicate to parents once she has made her decision.

HW commented on the new signage, and all were in agreement that they looked good.

A discussion took place around the new homework worksheets, feedback was very positive.


EF – Parents are concerned at the short notice for events and paperwork, this is a particular problem for working parents.

It was suggested that there could be better organisation at the beginning of term on the first day of school so that parents know where to drop their children. JI advised that a letter with a map of the school showing drop off points was sent out at the end of the previous academic year, however it appears that all parents had seen this. JH suggested a board at the front of the school with a map displayed on the first day of term would help. APF suggested  bringing Meet the Teacher forward to before the end of term, this would allow parents the chance to get to know where their children need to be dropped off.

The menu is not addressing food allergies, a conversation took place around this, the school offers 4 menu choices, it is not possible to cater for all needs, we feel as a school we the menu offers choice and if children do not like the choices parents can provide a packed lunch. It was agreed that this was a difficult area for schools to cater for and would become more difficult as time went on.

A question was asked about a Nose Bleed Policy, this comes under general first aid, staff are trained regularly and updated, and follow the training given when dealing with nose bleeds.

HW asked about a Foodbank, this was deferred to the end of the meeting.

JH said that some children in year 4 do not have all their homework. JI would deal with this. CS suggested that this could be posted on the school website.

JH asked about the jumpers, apparently there is a delay. This will be deferred to the next meeting when uniform suppliers will be invited in.

JH voiced concerns over congestion at the gate at the end of school, JI asked about a staggered end to the school, it was considered, however parents agreed that some parents have children in different year groups and this probably would not change anything. JH advised that the school could ask the County Council to move the railing opposite the school gates. JH also suggested that the entrance to the school is widened. JI said that there would be a cost implication, but she was willing to investigate this ready for the next budget.

JH agreed to speak to Essex CC about this issue and report back to the next meeting.

KCH asked about uniform, this is being looked at the next meeting.

Mobility scooters and scooters should not be used on school grounds, this appears to be an issue at school pick up, reminder to be placed on the newsletter, this includes pre school children.

It was noted that both parents now get on line correspondence as a result of parental feedback.

Stanway Fiveways Family Friendly Hub

JI took parents to the area outside the side entrance to the main school hall, this area will be designated, The Stanway Fiveways Family Friendly Hub. She talked the to the parents about the area which will be used as a used uniform area and foodbank. JI will be asking for donations in the newsletter this week to get it up and running. Several of the Parents Forum offered to help with this. It will be open to all parents to donate and use the items. It will be kept very discreet.

Parents were asked to rework the schools Key Performance Indicators in order to make them more parent friendly. These will be shared with parents.

All feedback on the new homework system was positive. The homework consists of cooking, art and DT as well as other other things and the children can choose which homework they want to do and take in to school. The parent forum all agreed it was much better. JH asked if MyMaths would continue, JI agreed that MyMaths would continue, as would reading and spelling.

EPF suggested that the homework format needed to be consistent, they all need to include the instruction and the date they have to be in by. LL asked about reading and how often parents should be changing books. JI spoke about this, this was discussed and JI said she would feedback to teachers that the focus was on reading, not just changing books. HW asked about Year 5 reading books, KC suggested that reading books from home would still be included as reading


Parent drop in to be explained in the newsletter, time to make friends and have a coffee with Debbie Taylor, parent liaison, these will be held in the morning and in the afternoon to cater for most parents.

Next meeting Tuesday 19th November  2019, 9am



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