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Parents Forum Minutes 2019-2020

Minutes of Parents Forum Tuesday 18th June 2019



Jackie Irwin (JI)– Head teacher

Nic Adkins (NA)– Office / Note taker

Amanda Preston-Flack (AP)  Year 1

Sarah Flatman (SF) Year 1

Claire Cardy (CC) Year 2 & 5

Kaylee Cattano Heard (KCH) – Year 3 & 4

Jeremy Hagon (JH) Year 4

Hannah Watts (HW)– Year 5

Apologies for absence

Kay Corris (KC)Year 3 & Year 5

Sophie McFall (SM)– Year 1 & Year 5


Welcome & Introductions

Jackie welcomed everyone and explained the rationale behind the parent’s forum, getting everyone involved from the children through to the parents to lead and improve the school going forward. The forum members then introduced themselves. 

Jackie gave some ideas that as a forum we should consider looking at in order to improve for example:

  • Push for reading
  • Arts in the school – Talent Show (with no winners or losers but perhaps a Show for best 3 from class to perform to parents – with a certificate of recognition)
  • Musical Showcases / Sports showcases

Terms of Reference & Voting in Chair and Secretary

The forum members reviewed and agreed the terms of reference and suggested we review these once the forum was fully established and running regularly so they could be adjusted or added too at a later date.  

It was agreed that we would try and boost numbers to the forum having at least 2 per year group as we focus on ideas for improvements and move forward.  It was noted that this was likely to happen naturally, as knowledge of the forum grows amongst the school community.

Jackie spoke about it being a parent led forum with input from the school, so ideally it should be chaired and noted by the Parents.  She asked if anyone wished to be Chair & Secretary.  After discussion amongst the group the following members were elected:-

Kaylee Cattano Heard  as Chair Person & Sarah Flatman as Secretary.

Discussion of Let’s Celebrate, Quick fixes and Challenges

We had a brief discussion around the quick fixes post note session, some of the quick fixes had already been implemented and others would be looked at in due course.

Concerns / Ideas

Uniform Phase-in and Logo change was discussed – Communication regarding this was confusing and we needed to re-confirm that the uniform was not changing until 2020 by which time it would hopefully incorporate a new logo.  This would also likely be phased in over time to allow for those children who have older siblings to still utilise “hand-me downs” to keep costs as low as possible for the parents. 

Other concerns about the uniforms were the price / quality and sizing – It was felt by the forum that this was a big issue and needed further investigation about how we support parents / school with Uniform orders such as:-

  • staggering new uniform by year groups as an option,
  • having a second hand shop available inside school at set periods a month 
  • Online shop / delivery to the school to keep costs lower for new purchases. 

Action - NA to contact some new uniform suppliers with a view to arranging them to Pitch their products to us.

A similar discussion over the school photos provider was also had, Parents were not keen to purchase them as they were boring, expensive and generally not happy with them.

Action - Office to contact some new Photographer suppliers with a view to arranging them to Pitch their products to us.

New signage for the outside fencing with new logo is also being looked into to brighten and sell the school moving forward.   It was felt and discussed that the current logo really needed a rebranding exercise in order to give the school a fresh facelift.

Communications from the school / Newsletter

It was felt that the newsletter was a good way of getting information out, but quite lengthy read weekly and the parents sometimes didn’t get chance to read it fully.  It was requested if we could review how it is produced, could it be in an easier format for example / direct to email instead of attachment?  Nic explained that the current communications software SCOPAY would not enable us to fit all the information onto a direct email nor any pictures etc. but we could look at options.   Discussions continued about options to improve the school communications such as an Official SFPS Facebook information group, DOJO, or Website blog.   It would need further investigating into the how we would manage the logistics and monitoring of any groups – so this would need further thought moving forward In the mean time, Nic would look into DOJO options available to utilise this more effectively for communication purposes.

Action: It was agreed that NA would look into what options were available with DOJO and we would discuss this further at the next meeting.

It was also requested if we could send the newsletter to more than 1 email address if the current way was to continue. 

Action: NA to speak with Business Manager to see if this is an option and advise at next meeting.

Gold awards / Dojos were also discussed, as parents felt that it differed in how these awards and Dojos were awarded dependent on Teacher.   Jackie advised she thought that all awards should take further discussion and thought as attendance awards were also something that was felt needed addressing further.     

Homework – Feedback & Next Steps

Jackie asked how parents viewed homework, the consensus was that in the main, it was felt it was a waste of time, and resources as parents dreaded seeing a photocopied sheet for example each week.

Jackie gave the forum an example of a homework sheet which would be given half-termly / termly at the start and explained the children would be allowed the length of half-term / term to complete one or more of the tasks.  The Initial thoughts / feedback upon review were positive.   Jackie advised it would hopefully involve families and extended families coming together to help produce quality standards of homework rather than quantity.  It was agreed that we would look at this further on the next forum as it was more value added homework solution.

Previous / Outstanding Actions

None – As this was the first meeting

Any other Business


The meeting closed at 315pm. 

Date of Next meeting            -           Thursday 18th July 2019 – 9am – 12pm