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September 2020 Term Arrangements

Start of new term

The children start back on Thursday 3rd September

Preparing your child for September

The children will be washing their hands often, so please explain this to them. They also need to keep their hands away from their faces. ‘Catch it, bin it, kill it’

Please do not send children in to school with their own hand gel or hand cream, we have a never ending supply of hand gel in school.

Drop-off in the morning

There is a staggered drop off between 8.30am and 9.00am. One parent only to drop off.  Please do not arrive prior to 8.30am and ensure that you observe social distancing guidelines. Entry will be through the normal front gates, then follow the one-way system around the school. There will be lots of staff on duty to direct you to the correct classroom. Parents will then follow the one-way system around the outside of the school and come out at the car park gates. For Year 5 and 6 children, parents and carers should be able to leave the children at the gates, which will reduce the number of adults on site.

Use of bikes and scooters

We are discouraging the use of bikes/scooters, unless this is an alternative to public transport, to keep the flow into the main gates as calm as possible.


The children will be expected to be in normal school uniform and school shoes.

We would like the children to have a waterproof coat in school, as we will be trying to be outside as much as possible.


Backpacks/School bags

No big bags please. The children should just be able to bring in their reading bags, water bottle and packed lunch box (optional). The children are all being supplied with a pencil case containing their equipment for the day.

PE kits

The children will need to bring in PE kit as normal. The old green PE kit is acceptable, but when replacing, please purchase the new logo PE t-shirt and BLACK shorts, other colour

t-shirts/shorts are not acceptable. This should be kept in school, and returned home for washing at the end of each half term.


Water bottle

Each child will need a water bottle. We will refill this if needed throughout the day. The water bottle will be taken home at the end of the day to be cleaned and refilled. Please note the water fountains are out of use.

Breaktime and lunchtimes

The children will keep in their class bubble for breaktimes and will not be allowed to mix with other children in another class bubble.

Please note, we are no longer running snack trolley, therefore your child will need to bring in a fruit or veggie snack daily.

Lunch box

If your child/children are having a packed lunch from home, then this is fine. It will be taken home at the end of the day as normal.

Lunch time

The children will all be eating lunch in their classroom bases and not in the main hall. Each class bubble has its own set of equipment to use, this will be sanitised daily. The playgroup has been split in to zones, and each bubble will play in their own zone. These zones will be rotated.

School dinners

We shall be offering a hot option (although a reduced menu). Also a veggie option or a sandwich. Menus will be available as normal on the website.

Please note we can no longer accept cash or cheques for payment for school dinners and trips. All payments must be made using SCOPAY.

Use of toilets

The children will be using an assigned toilet and sink for their class bubble. This will be supervised safely by the teaching assistant.

Reading books

School reading books will be going home with the children. 

In KS2 the majority of children are reading books which are classed-based, so this should be fairly easy to manage. There will be no need to 'store' or 'quarantine' these for any time between uses as they are remaining within the same class bubble.

In KS1 we are going to collect all the books in every Thursday, the children will not then be given their new book until Monday. This way we ensure there has been a period of at least 72 hours 'quarantine' between the books being redistributed. From Thursday evening to Sunday evening, enjoy sharing other books at home, the library etc with your children.


This will be staggered between 2.50 and 3.20. Please follow the one-way system. Pick children up from the same drop-off point as the morning.

Year 5/6 will be let out between 3:10 - 3:20, by class teacher, parents to arrange to meet their children away from the school gates and not come into school to collect.


Please do not go to the school office unless you have been invited in to school for a meeting. All communication must be by phone call or email.


We have a variety of sports clubs and musical theatre clubs running after school, any equipment will be sanitised after use.

Please see attached timetable.

Extended Day

Breakfast Club will run from 7.30 am – 8.30 am. Children should be dropped at the door to the hall. All children must sanitise their hands prior to entry in to the hall. Parents will not be allowed to enter the building.

Children will be spilt in to bubbles.

This is purely a childcare facility.

Children will be lead to their class at 8.30 am.


After School Club will run from 3.20 pm – 5.00 pm. Parents will collect from the main hall doors. Parents should ring the bell, the children will sanitise their hands when leaving the premises.

Parents are not to enter the building.


Children will be given a small snack of biscuits, tea will not be served.

DFE Guidance

Please see below lateast guidance from DFE:


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