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Remote Learning

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Remote Learning Provision during Whole School Closure

I am writing to inform you of the guidance around our remote learning provision which will come in to effect from Monday 11th January.

As you are already aware we will be centring our remote learning around the platform of Microsoft Teams for KS1 and KS2; EYFS will be using Tapestry as the basis for the remote-learning. The children have already had a chance to use and access Teams at school and have been provided with a login. However it would be extremely beneficial if children can familiarise themselves with Teams before Monday.

If you require further support with Microsoft Teams, these video tutorials may be helpful, there are also numerous support videos on YouTube,


Microsoft Teams can be accessed from any device e.g. laptop, tablet, smart phone and you do not need have access to a printer – more information to follow below.

Our remote-learning provision will vary slightly in EYFS, KS1 and KS2


  • Short daily videos for phonics and maths will be uploaded on to Tapestry.
  • Additional directed home-learning tasks provided for each day.


  • Daily lessons for phonics, maths and English will be provided by uploading pre-recorded videos on to Microsoft Teams.
  • Two directed home-learning tasks will be provided for each day for the foundation subjects e.g. art, history etc.
  • Children will also be able login in to one ‘live’ story time each week.


  • Daily ‘live’ maths and English lessons.
  • Two directed home-learning tasks will be provided for each day for the foundation subjects e.g. art, history etc.

On Friday afternoons, a weekly timetable/plan for the forthcoming week will be sent out via School Ping; this allows you the opportunity to plan out your home-learning schedule ahead of time.

In reference to our remote learning policy, teachers are fully committed to plan a well-sequenced curriculum that includes:

  • Providing meaningful and ambitious work across the school curriculum.
  • Providing learning that is equivalent in time to the teaching of ‘core’ subjects in school.
  • Providing lessons that are the same for the children who are working remotely at home and for those that are in school under the critical worker criteria.
  • Providing a remote learning offer that meets the government’s statutory requirements.

Pre-recorded videos for EYFS and KS1

Pre-recorded videos will be uploaded to Microsoft Team (or Tapestry for EYFS) by 8:30am every Monday morning. They will be clearly labelled as to what they are and when they are for e.g. Tuesday’s maths lesson. Although these lessons may have a suggested time, they can be accessed at any time during the day and can be watched more than once if required. This is to provide increased flexibility for parents/carers of younger children who probably require greater levels of support with their home-learning.

‘Live’ virtual lessons

Live virtual lessons will be staggered as much as possible to try and support families who have children in different year groups. These lessons will have a set time when children need to login in to them, this will be outlined on the weekly timetable that is sent out. Please log on in plenty of time to allow teachers the chance to welcome children to the lesson and this will ensure online learning starts promptly. After the initial welcome children will be asked to turn off their device’s camera and microphone, thus minimising disruption and allowing all children to focus on the teacher.

Learning Resources

All learning resources for every lesson will be provided via Microsoft Teams, these will once again be clearly labelled with titles and dates. There will not be a need for children to print off any of the resources, children can copy from their device and work using ‘pen and paper’. If you require any books or pens to complete work then please let us know.

Submitting Work

As we no longer use Class Dojo all work will now be submitted via email. Each class has been setup with an email address using the following format:

Class name + class @stanwayfiveways.essex.sch.uk















EYFS will submit their work via Tapestry.

If work is completed by ‘pen and paper’, as suggested, you can simply take a photograph of the work and email that. We ask that all work is submitted by 6pm on the day of teaching, if work is submitted after this time it may not receive any feedback. Feedback for work that is submitted will happen the following day, via email, this will come from a member of the class team i.e. the class teacher of LSA.

Safeguarding & Expectations

  • Parents and carers must try to ensure that other children and young people under the age of 18 do not come into sight of the camera during live video lessons
  • No recording or photographs of the screen can be taken.
  • No sharing of any passwords or redistribution of any content is permitted.
  • You should be sensitive in ensuring that there are no interruptions to the work being carried out and conversations at the end of the session do not delay our staff in departing the lesson.

I urge you to read our full remote learning policy.

We were all hoping that we would not have to resume home learning again, however I can assure you that all staff are working tirelessly to ensure that we provide your children with the best provision possible during this difficult time.

I appreciate that home schooling can be incredibly challenging but we urge you to engage with our teaching and learning as much as possible. If you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the school in the usual ways.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

6th January 2021

Further information regarding accessing our Remote Learning can be found in the following document:

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